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Evernex began as a small local IT repair shop. Now they’re a global enterprise. Here’s how they did it

Digital transformation should be seen as a means, not an end — a way to improve productivity and processes, enhance experiences for both customers and employees, control costs and reduce risk, and in a perfect world, be sustainable.

When companies get it right, the outcomes can be amazing. In our latest episode of Better Together: Customer Conversations, we’re exploring how digital transformation helped turn a third-party IT company into a global powerhouse that’s helping other companies achieve their own digital transformations, on their own terms, anywhere in the world.

One business’ growth

Evernex put sustainability and longevity at the heart of their digital transformation. The company specializes in data center storage hardware and other IT and networking equipment. Their goals: helping businesses manage multi-vendor infrastructure while providing outstanding support and maximizing the lifespan of IT assets, all with 100% aftermarket equipment.

The French company was founded as a small third-party hardware business. Today, Evernex is an international business with more than 1,000 employees in 40 offices with operations in 160 countries.

We will be speaking to Emmanuel Roland, Chief Digital & Technology Officer, Evernex and Dr. Marcell Vollmer, Partner and Director, Boston Consulting Group about:

  • How Evernex unlocked innovation through digital transformation

  • The driving force behind creating a 100% aftermarket equipment policy

  • How business’ are digitally transforming while extending the life of their IT infrastructure

  • How businesses can equip themselves to use transformation as a springboard for innovation

  • What is next for Evernex and what the future of the industry looks like

Exploring What Digital Transformation Means

Roland says, “Digital transformation is not about implementing digital technologies. It’s about transforming the company using digital technology to improve services we deliver to our customers. The digital transformation is a business enabler, an innovation platform.”

Evernex’s own transformation included streamlining and standardization for data structure and employee experience, and integration with SAP and other vendor tools

This transformation allowed Evernex to significantly reduce time spent on manual processes, switch from quarterly to monthly closings, and expand its capacity to serve customers while maintaining the quality standard their customers demand.

These results for Evernex are emblematic of what digital transformation can do for organizations:

  • Experiences: Both customer and employee experiences improve in organizations that embrace digital transformation. Customers are more likely to become loyal to organizations that deliver innovative products, meaningful interactions and easy-to-use features. Employees are more likely to be engaged and productive when they’re provided with the latest apps, devices and technologies.

  • Processes: Digital transformation helps streamline workflows and automate more task. More productive and efficient processes result in those better experiences for customers and employees.

The podcast and LinkedIn conversation deliver fascinating conversations. Join us!

  • Podcast: Emmanuel Roland and Dr. Marcell Volmer sit down with our host, Tamara McCleary, to discuss digital transformation, how it’s affected Evernex and the effects it can have on the industry as a whole. Hear their perspectives on digital transformation as a way to enhance innovation and open up new opportunities.

  • LinkedIn conversation: I’ll be talking with Emmanuel Roland about the experience of building out Evernex’s service on the SAP platform, and how the SAP solutions integrate with other vendors. We’ll also talk about some of the key considerations for other business owners who may wish to follow in Evernex’s footsteps.

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 Visit to check out the podcast and the LinkedIn conversation. And remember, I’m always looking for feedback! Let me know topics you’d like to hear about and suggest questions we should be asking. You can also contact us if you’d like to be a guest on an episode.

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