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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Since the announcement of SAP Build during SAP TechEd in November 2022, there has been considerable interest in the SAP ecosystem to explore SAP’s uniquely powerful low-code solution, SAP Build, that puts world-class enterprise technology in the hands of business users. SAP Build helps to "build visually", "integrate seamlessly," and "collaborate securely", which are the new hallmarks of creating enterprise applications without code, thereby enhancing business agility.

SAP Partners came together across regions to discover, learn and get their hands-on, to explore and build their own applications using SAP Build solution, during the recently concluded Hack2Build events during  February 16-24, 2023.

Hack2Build offered a unique opportunity for SAP Partners to address current business challenges by building a working solution prototype using SAP Build, with the support of SAP.

As part of this event, Partners were encouraged to use the features and capabilities of SAP Build Apps, SAP Build Process Automation and SAP Build Work Zone to develop processes and applications related to industry specific scenario or cross-industry scenario of their choice based on their customer needs and demonstrate a working proof-of-concept of their solution.

37 Partners across Europe and Asia showed their enthusiasm and built applications using SAP Build all in 7 days’ time during the hackathon.

13 Partners emerged as winners, selected by a panel of senior leaders from SAP. There were 6 winning solutions per region, spanning 2 demo jam days with one special mention.

The next section highlights all the winning prototypes built by SAP Partners region wise.

Asia Pacific and Japan 

Hack2Build Participating Partners in APJ Region

Day 1: 23rd February 2023

Winner: EY Global Delivery Services

EY has created a Dispute Management Workflow solution leveraging all three SAP Build services; SAP Build Apps, SAP Build Process Automation & SAP Build Work Zone by enhancing the dispute management process on SAP S/4HANA Cloud in a clean core fashion. It allows business users such as cost accountants to raise dispute requests for cases like incorrect invoices, overpayment or credit-memo with a simplified approval process. It is often serviced through e-mails and manual follow-ups by accessing multiple service platforms and communication channels. The solution enables users to access dispute application from any device  with real-time integration between approval application, ERP system. In addition, the business users can customise the whole dispute process without depending on IT using no-code approach. It allows for quicker dispute redressals leading to better user experience.

EY Dispute Management Workflow on SAP Build

1st Runner Up: Blueprint Technologies

Blueprint Dealer Customer Self-Service Portal is built to support post-sales support process. It provides an overview of customer purchases and helps to identify opportunities for cross/upselling and address longer lead times by the call center team during first interaction with Customer. A central place where the call center team could find customer, product, view purchase history, create and track service tickets, rand warranty related information. The portal likewise will provide a seamless experience for the customer to create a ticket without repeating information. Also, with integrations in place across touch points to SAP S/4HANA and SAP Service Cloud, the portal brings flexibility for the customer to manage their profile updates in one place. The solution is built using SAP Build Apps and SAP Build Work Zone with connectivity to SAP S/4 HANA using OData API’s.  SAP Service Cloud and SAP Integration Suite are used for service tickets and to replicate customer and product data via standard flows respectively.

Blueprint Dealer Customer Self-Service Portal

2nd Runner Up: Innovation Consulting Services Co., Ltd.

Smart Purchase Application - Procure to Pay One-Stop Services Process

In CPG and Food Chain (Feeds, Farms and Foods) Industry, factors such as commodity price, loss of quantity in transportation, moisture and contamination may affect raw material prices.  This poses purchase order price discrepancy which is based on physical inspection, quality inspection and weighment of goods at the time of actual receiving at the plant. To move away from the manual process in practice, this solution integrates all the possible factor that affect the purchase price into calculation for creating a purchase order. All processes, from purchase order to creating the invoice document will be controlled and automated with the enhanced purchasing process created on SAP Build.

ICS Smart Purchase Application for CPG Industry

Day 2: 24th February 2023


Winner: EY Client Technology

ESG Assistant Perishable Wastage Reduction

EY set out to tackle the rising food wastage, which is 1.4 billion tons worldwide every year, and built a ESG Assist perishable wastage reduction solution with SAP Build. The solution provides the ability for real-time dynamic decisions to generate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) value and compliance across multiple business processes from information collected from various sources ( uploaded documents during the prototype phase). It supports the pricing, procurement, packing and warehouse teams with right decisions on perishable wastage reduction.

EY's ESG Assistant Perishable Wastage Reduction

1st Runner Up: NTT Data

Characteristics Based Pricing simplifies a complex process with one solution that handles multiple aspects related to Dairy, Vegetable and Meat procurement. It addresses the real time transparency of process data, supports decision making and speeds up the settlement process. NTT Data used all the SAP Build Components SAP Build Apps. SAP Build Apps was used to design UI for the application. SAP Build apps was integrated with SAP Process Automation and Public API’s. SAP Build Process Automation was used to design Business Process, Workflow and Actions to post data in the backend SAP S/4HANA on-premise system. SAP Build Work Zone standard edition was used for hosting the developed application and My Inbox app for Workflow Approvals.

NTT Characteristics Based Pricing Application

2nd Runner Up: MSG Global Solutions

The MSG Claim Connect application is designed to establish a direct communication channel between customers and insurance companies, as the claim experience has a significant impact on the customer's opinion of the insurance provider. The Claim Connect is a cloud application is and is set to integrate with the backend policy administration systems. The primary goal of this application is to automate the entire claim life cycle from First Notice of Loss (FNOL) to payment. The application addresses pain points such as information extraction from invoices or forms, form completion, fraud detection, FNOL creation, claims workflow management, and payment automation. Claim Connect leveraged all of SAP Build components to accelerate the application development process.

MSG Claim Connect Application

The video brings up the views and feedback from the APJ Partners and SAP judges

Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) and Middle and Eastern Europe (MEE)

Hack2Build Participating Partners in EMEA and MEE Region

Day 1: 23rd February 2023

Winner: Exxeta

Multistage approval hiring process.

In the current market situation, companies are trying to reach high potential applicants as quickly as possible and send them an offer. The solution aims to make the entire multi-stage hiring process of new applicants faster and more efficient through automation and digitization. Customarily, the applicant’s relevant data is pulled manually from different source systems, instead with this solution, the applicant's data is directly retrieved from the source system or read from a PDF file. By defining the hiring participants, everyone involved in the hiring process can communicate with each other in the form of comments, confirm or, if necessary, reject the applicant with a reason. By dividing the process into different stages, it is always possible to see the progress of the applicant and what is still outstanding for the potential applicant to receive his contract offer. After the applicant has confirmed all instances, the application will automatically create a draft contract, which can then be sent to the applicant.

Multistage approval hiring process by Exxeta

1st Runner Up: Agilita

Sustainability Reporting Platform by Agilita

Reporting sustainability efforts and footprint data to internal and external stakeholders becomes more and more obligatory for companies.Agilita’s sustainability reporting platform built using SAP Build framework demonstrated monitoring CO2-Footprint information based on enriched expense data with sustainability data.

Sustainability Reporting Platform by Agilita

2nd Runner Up: The Value Chain

Mobile Asset Manager offers maintenance workers the flexibility to manage their data in a user-friendly way in the field, and with direct integration to the ERP system. Doing so, the maintenance processes are accelerated, data is more accurate, and the process steps are enforced and infused with intelligence (e.g. carbon footprint dependency).Using the application, the user can create technical objects like equipments, assign them to maintenance plans, execute maintenance orders, and log ad hoc defects like maintenance notifications.The solution is built leveraging all the components of SAP Build portfolio. It is fully integrated with the SAP S/4HANA Cloud system, and it also offers extended features like approval flows for defects and automatic assignment of appropriate maintenance plan based on carbon footprint evaluation.

The Value Chain Mobile Asset Manager

Special Mention: IBSolution

IB Solution’s ECOmmute application depicts how sustainable planning of individual routes by employees helps in reduction of the CO2 footprint of each individual employee and so of the entire company without major effort. The application enables planning of trips to customer sites and provides  CO2-saving alternative routes and reward them with a credit system for the employee.In addition, the solution also has a manager app that allows authorized persons to view and approve employee routes. For a better overview and statistical evaluation, the manager app has a simple dashboard with the most important information about trips, credits, and an internal company eco-high score. An Employee app and Manager approval app was created using SAP Build apps, and using connectivity service, google maps API’s were invoked to show the optimal and sustainable route.

IB Solution ECOmmute

Listen to the judges and Participants feedback from day 1 of the EMEA/MEE event.

Day 2: 24th February 2023

Winner: Merlynn Intelligence Technologies

Digital Fraud Review Panel

Within procurement and payment systems employees may collude to override or “beat” built in system controls.Merlynn’s Decisioning Digital Twin Technology enables organizations to deploy a digital team of fraud experts within their SAP payment system. The Digital Fraud Review Panel is essentially an independent, second set of eyes that monitors payment activity in real-time, identifies potential fraud and stops the payment before the money flows out of the organization.The Digital Panel built using SAP Build Apps is integrated using API for real-time surveillance alongside existing approval processes.

Digital Fraud Review Panel by Merlynn

1st Runner Up: Inflexion

TenantZone is a Portal and Mobile App which ensures Tenant and Landlord engagements are seamless, anytime & anywhere and ensures transparency and higher customer satisfaction. The TenantZone app was developed on SAP Business Technology Platform which utilizes all the SAP Build Components of SAP Build Apps, SAP Process Automation & SAP Work Zone to ensure benefits like single channel of communication, anytime and anywhere access, real-time updates between the Tenant and Landlord and it provides complete track and traceability of the service history.

TenantZone by Inflexion

2nd Runner Up: EY

The Supplier Validation/Creation Automation solution is designed to streamline and automate the supplier creation and validation of supplier information. The solution ensures time savings and improves process efficiency. Built using SAP Build apps, the supplier raw data in the form of an excel file is uploaded which triggers the SAP Build process automation. The raw data is then extracted, stored using SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP) to show the supplier status. Key characteristics of the supplier like the GST Number is validated using a third-party API. Based on the validation result, the SAP Build Process Automation workflow triggers an email with relevant updates.

Supplier Validation and Creation Automation by EY


Listen to the judges and Participants feedback from day 2 of the EMEA/MEE event.

Panel of Judges

It is gratifying to see SAP judges, from our senior leadership team, who were committed to the very long hours required to judge the hackathon demo-jam, and provide their valuable feedback to incorporate when the partners build the full scope of their solution. Many thanks to the below panel of judges:

APJ Panel of Judges

Thomas Volmering Chief Product Manager, SAP Build Process Automation
Ashok Munirathinam Vice President, Head of SAP BTP Centre of Excellence, APJ
Gianluigi Bagnoli Vice President, Global Head of SAP BTP partner enablement
Mitesh Shah Vice President, SAP Business Technology Platform
Rudi Held Vice President, Global Head of SAP Co-Innovation Lab

EMEA and MEE Panel of Judges

Luciano Ravenna Global Vice President, Platform & Strategic Partners, Partner Ecosystem Success
Andre Borchert
Vice President, Product Success, SAP Build Process Automation
Pavel Penaz Head of SAP BTP Strategy & Execution, Partner Solution Adoption, Partner Ecosystem Success
Stephan Koenig Senior Director, Product Management SAP Build Process Automation
Archana Shukla Director, Product Management, SAP Process Automation
Ramon Goumans Business Development Director, SAP BTP Customer Service
Marc Huber Product Manager, SAP Build Apps

We are grateful to the SAP Product teams, SAP BTP Architects, and the many experts from SAP who made this event possible across many regions.

We would like to thank all the participating companies in this edition of Hack2Build on SAP Build and would be keen to support their full-scope build aspirations as next steps.


Contributed by:

philly_raghuvira.bhagavan  and vasanth.kumar