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We continue our mission to improve Focused Build with additional and reworked functionalities. For this, customer connection program from 2021 is still an useful input provider to ensure that our spent development effort really satisfies our customers.

New Solution Readiness Dashboard

Definitely the biggest part of our shipment is the completely reworked Solution Readiness Dashboard. With this last puzzle piece we are finalizing our goal to provide a new architecture for all dashboards. Short recap: With Support Package 9 we shipped a new Release Dashboard, which was followed by the new Test Suite Dashboard in Support Package 10. All 3 dashboards have in common a powerful and performant design.

The Solution Readiness Dashboard provides by default 14 overview cards that allow a deep-dive in the corresponding topic like KPI Status for work packages or work items, current project risks or the overall progress for the current wave or sprint. In the related detail pages, users can individually decide what type of information they want to see or hide or how the dashboard is presented. These views can be saved and also shared with other users.

New Solution Readiness Dashboard - Overview page


Mass release check for waves and sprints

One of the biggest concerns as part of the Go-Live is the question, whether the related documentations to work items are in a status that allows the automated activation to the production branch. If that is the case, with the successful import of the release the documentation will be present in this branch and no further action is required. But if this is not the case, architects in collaboration with release managers and developers need to identify the individual work items and activate the documentation manually which is time-consuming.

With our new release check, release managers can analyse in advance of a Go-Live for a set of work items (for example all work items in status "successfully tested" of release 2.0) whether the documentation is in the right status. Explanation texts help to understand what is missing and what needs to be done, and an integrated mail option allows the direct notification of the work item responsible and the created mail includes a link to the work item check.

Mass release check


Maintain task relations in Project Management UI5 application

So far customers need to use the webdynpro application of project management to maintain relationships between tasks (for example waves, sprints, tasks or subtasks). With the extension of the UI5 application for projects relationships can now be maintained directly and are also visible in the gantt chart area.

Maintenance of relations in UI5 application

Besides these innovations, also other functionalities were added with Support Package 12:

  • The documentation reporting dashboard offers two new tiles: a branch consistency report and a branch history report

  • For requirements, custom fields can now be sorted and the editability based on status can be influenced by customers directly

  • For the Release Batch Import application, variants can be maintained

  • In Test Management, the defect creation dialog can be better influenced via a BAdI (for example by defaulting a processor or support team, making certain fields mandatory in case a certain test plan etc.)

The whole list can be found in the SAP Help Portal.

Feel free to provide your feedback to the newest Support Package directly below this blog post, or in case of questions submit them here.
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