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With the newest Support Package 10 of the Focused Build Add-On for SAP Solution Manager we spent again most of the development effort for requests raised by our customers as part of the Customer Connection Program. These raised and qualified requests give us the chance to identify where our customers see room for improvement to make the implementation projects supported by the Focused Build methodology easier and more stable. A summary of the 2021 Customer Connection Program for SAP Solution Manager including Focused Build can be found here. In this blog post I want to focus on some specific new functionalities.

New Test Suite Dashboard

One of the biggest development pieces was the completely new designed Test Suite Dashboard. We focused on the usage of the latest and most modern Fiori elements to offer an unique way to analyse your test management data from different perspectives. The pre-delivered Overview-page consists of several cards which can be adjusted directly by every Test Manager according to their needs. Jumping to the details pages allows a more specific view on the data, for example on created Defects or the Test Step progress. The used Fiori elements allow a quick change of the visualization, for example stacked bar or pie charts, and the creation of page variants for specific analysis which can also be shared with other users.

Overview Page of the new Test Suite Dashboard

Process Management - Detection of manual edits in Solution Documentation

Although the general recommendation for the processing of documentation is the direct creation or upload in the My Work Package or My Work Item application we often see customers using the Solution Documentation for these activities. There were several disadvantages connected with this approach, for example were these manual created documents not visible in the UI5 application. To overcome this it is now visible in the Documentation-Tab in Work Items via an icon when such a situation occurred.

Add manually assigned Solution Documentation Elements in Generic App

The deltas can then be assigned to the Work Item and are then also visible in the Documentation tab. In addition to manually assigned process structures in Work Item, it is now also possible to specify the element groups (Executables, Developments and Configuration Units) which will be automatically handed over from Design to Development and Development to Production Branch if they have been assigned. This ensures the consistency between the branches.

Mass Change Redesign

The powerful Mass Change Application has been updated as well to improve the usability. Also here new Fiori elements were introduced to allow a more convenient user experience with flexible column widths, hidden long texts or improved header naming. Target was to optimize the used space in the Mass Change Application but also to offer end-users the possibility to rearrange columns and columns width according to their needs.

New table layout of Mass Change Application

Besides the already mentioned improvements there are of course additional new functionalities shipped with SP10 based on customer's feedback, for example an Harmonized Business Partner Search which enables the same search fields for all Business Partners among all applications.

In the My Work Item Application the displayed transport track can be reduced according to the chosen target system. Or in the Defect the Rich Text Functionality has been enabled to make the defect creation easier, for example by simply pasting screenshots directly into the text.

We also ship a new tile for Requirement Approvers where they have direct access to all the Requirements where they need to decide about approval or rejection, a follow-up to the extended Requirement approval workflow which was introduced with SP09.

These and also all the other functionalities which are part of our newest Support Package you can see in the What's New Webinar taking place on August, 3rd. You can register for this event, but also for the other What's New Calls (for SAP Solution Manager SPS15 and Focused Insights SP10), here. Feel free to provide your feedback to the newest Support Package directly below this blog post, or in case of questions submit them here.