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We are pleased to announce that SAP Build Actions Project went GA with Graph support as on August 4th. See the release information from August 4th 2023 over here

Motivation -

Actions Project built using Graph as a supported consumption source will provide the capability to consume and access business and enterprise data which is semantically connected in the form of a data graph and further exposed via Actions.

More Information on Graph and usability is available here.

Parent Blog:

Actions Editor – Feature List, Usage and Creation/Maintenance of Actions Project

Prerequisites –

The official help document on Creating Actions project via Graph is available here. It also has details on below key prerequisites to allow the creation of Action project with Graph instance.

  1. Subscription to SAP Integration Suite.

    • Capabilities - Adding the capability for Graph which is possible while editing the capabilities.

    • Design Graph - Creation of a Business Data Graph.

  2. Activation of Graph.

  3. Creation of Graph service instance with service binding.

  4. Creating a destination for Graph Instance with Service binding that includes - Client ID, Client secret and Token Service URL along with additional properties. This is further illustrated below.


Destination Configuration
Field Value
Name Enter the name of your choice.
Description Enter an optional description for your destination.
URL SAP Business Data Graph URL.
Proxy Type Internet
Authentication OAuth2JWTBearer
Client ID

Client ID found in the service binding.

For more information, see Create a Graph Service Instance.
Client Secret

Client ID found in the service binding.

For more information, see Create a Graph Service Instance.
Token Service URL Type Dedicated
Token Service URL https://<url-retrieved-from-service-binding>/oauth/token?grant_type=client_credentials


Additional Properties
Property Value
AppgyverEnabled true
sap.applicationdevelopment.actions.enabled true
sap.processautomation.enabled true GRAPH


Note: URL, Client ID, Client Secret and Token Service URL should be entered correctly to ensure that the destination works fine.

Selection of Destination - User can select the preferred available destinations that have been set up using the above prerequisites. These destinations would connect with the graph instances. A sample illustration is shown below.

Selection of System – Based on the Graph instance, a list of systems will be shown. Action Designer can choose a specific system based on the use case.

Selecting the API – Based on the selected system, the Action Designer can choose from the available list of API’s.

Review the Methods for the API – Action Designer can review the methods/operations that are available within the chosen API.

Create the Action Project - Action Designer needs to provide the details for the Project Name, Description and upload the corresponding API specification. The system will validate the OpenAPI specification standards in the attached specification and display an error to perform corrective measures.

If the validation is successful, the Action Designer will need to click on the Create button to trigger the creation of the Actions Project.


Note: The Destination for Test capability within Action Project in the Action Editor and URL Prefix in the Project settings is defaulted based on the associated destination of the Graph instance. Further, The URL prefix if changed manually by the Action Designer, will not be persisted for subsequent execution.

Thanks for reading and i hope it helped to understand the concept of leveraging Graph for creation and consumption of Actions Project.