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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Dear All,




This document illustrates the procedure to create a simple Blackberry based sup native application.

You would have checked the relevant documentation at info-center.




Tools used in developing the application are:


SUP version: 2.2 SP04,

BlackBerry Plug-in for Eclipse SDK : 7.1 (for Windows)

BlackBerry Simulator: 9900



1. Download SUP101 MBO project (with complete files) from




2. Import that SUP101 project into mobile sdk workspace and deploy to SUP server.


Note: Make sure sample database and SUP server is up and running



    • Once deployment is successful, generate the code for BlackBerry Platform.


Note: You will one warning message at the top (underlined in below screen), since there is no requirement of jar file for this project specially. You can ignore this warning at this moment.



    • Once code generation is successful, you will see one error saying net cannot be resolved . This error is because SUP101DB package jar file is not yet in project build path. Most importantly this problem will get resolved once you build the app in BB Java Plug-in Eclipse.


4. Next task is to create a BlackBerry project.


Note: You can download the latest BB Plug-in for Eclipse from here.



  • Select File>New>Project

  • Then select BlackBerry>BlackBerry Project


  • Give project name as SUP101BlackBerry



  • At the Java Settings Screen, Add two external JAR files sup_client2.jar, ULtraLiteJ12.jar.



  • Move to Order and Export tab, make sure sup_client2.jar file is selected.



  • At the Application Details Screen, provide below details:



  • If prompted to use a different perspective, then select NO.



  • Go to BlackBerry_App_Descriptor.xml file and provide a title like: SUP101BlackBerry



5. Next task is to copy the SUP related files to BlackBerry Project.


  • Copy the UltraLiteJ12.cod file available at C:\Sybase\UnwiredPlatform\MobileSDK22\ObjectAPI\BB and paste it to the BlackBerry Simulator path in Eclipse folder

          for me it is : C:\Eclipse\plugins\net.rim.ejde.componentpack7.1.0_7.1.0.10\components\simulator


6. Since we have already generated the code, copy the com folder available at Generated code path (under src folder)


xxxxxx\SUP101\Generated Code\src and paste it to src folder of the BlackBerry project.



7. Next task would be creating User Interface for the application.





  • From the downloaded project (SUP101BlackBerry) copy these java files,,,,, and paste it to the \src\com\mycorp\sup101\bb\app path in the BB project.


8. Modify the ip address, Username, password, port mentioned in the file


by default, user name: supAdmin

password: s3pAdmin

Port: 5001


9. Launch the BlackBerry simulator,


(Go to View>Graphics Acceleration>Off)


(Note: My BB screen was not appearing, first i thought there could be some issue BB 9900.I restarted simulator and eclipse many times but nothing helped. After searching some solution at Google, i found that above underlined solution.)


10. Once you click on the circled icon, application will launch. It will take some time to synchronize the data.





After some time, you will list of customers showing on the simulator screen. You can perform update operation as well.






I hope this document will give you basic understanding of BlackBerry based SUP application.