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In this blog I describe the sequence of importing additional software packages and customer transports after running a software maintenance with Software Update Manager 2.0. Readers should be familiar with the SUM, as introduced in the blog Software Update Manager (SUM): introducing the tool for software maintenance.

Abstract: Typically, customers apply additional transports and probably also additional software packages to the system. With SUM 2.0 SP05, the sequence of performing such activities has been made easier. The dialog screen now tells you when to start performing the activities at the earliest. Additionally, a new phase was introduced which makes you aware that from this time on no imports must be running.

Update (November 2, 2020): With SUM 2.0 SP09, the phase REQUPFINAL has been renamed to REQ_UP_FINAL.


As you may have read in the blog Integrating customer transport requests in updates and upgrades customer transports can be incorporated into the SUM procedure either standalone (customer transports only), or along with the SAP software update. However, not all transports might be ready when performing the dress-rehearsal on the quality or pre-production system.

Hence, a typical task in a cutover plan is the import of additional customer transports after the SUM has been completed. Also, some additional components in the system (i.e. 3rd party add-ons) may have to be patched using transactions SPAM or SAINT.

Quite often, the basis administrators let the SUM tool run until the EXIT-phase is reached. However, from the end of technical downtime (phase REQ_UP_FINAL) until the EXIT-phase, some additional time is consumed. In the end, the business downtime gets longer.

How can the business downtime be optimized by performing those activities immediately after the technical downtime? Go ahead reading the next section ?


What's new?

Starting from SUM 2.0 SP05, the dialog text of phase REQ_UP_FINAL has been adjusted. In this phase, the Software Update Manager informs you that it will start performing cleanup activities as a next step. Here's the overview of the procedure highlighting the corresponding phases:

The newly adjusted dialog of phase REQ_UP_FINAL lets you know that you may start importing transports or the import of support packages using SPAM or SAINT:

"If you need to import transports or install additional software, you can do this now until phase REQ_FINISH_IMPORT or after you reached the EXIT-phase. The update will stop again in phase REQ_FINISH_IMPORT and ask for confirmation. The imports must be finished before you continue with SUM then."



You can start performing your post activities from phase REQ_UP_FINAL until you've reached the new phase REQ_FINISH_IMPORT.

Before you continue with this phase, you have to make sure and to confirm that all imports of customer transports and additional software installations have been completed, and that no such further imports are started until the end of the procedure (EXIT-phase reached):

When reaching the phase REQ_FINISH_IMPORT, you've to confirm the following:

"I confirm that no more imports are running."


After confirming the checkbox, the SUM tool will proceed with the post-processing phases. Further imports of customer transports and additional software installation can only be started after reaching the EXIT-phase.


Additional information

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Jens Fieger

Product Management SAP SE, Software Logistics