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Update: New blog on how to configure SFSF adapter with REST Protocol: HowTo: Configure Communication Channel with SFSF Adapter (with REST Message Protocol) for SAP Proces...

SAP has released a new adapter called the “SFSF Adapter” for SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI) on 17 Feb 2014. This adapter is now available as part of a release independent add-on “SAP NetWeaver Process Integration, connectivity add-on 1.0”.

The connectivity add-on runs on the SAP NetWeaver Process Integration Adapter Framework, based on the Java Connector Architecture (JCA). Accordingly, its capabilities are being used for enabling the common message delivery options (exactly-once, exactly-once-in-order), an automatic retry mechanism and information logging. The configuration of connectivity adapters, monitoring and operations is done in the same way as for other adapters of SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI). The connectivity add-on runs fully in the Java stack and supports all valid deployment options of SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (ABAP + Java, Java only).

This SAP NetWeaver Process Integration, connectivity add-on 1.0 is included in your SAP Process Integration license and you do not need any further license to use the adapter.


With increasing focus on cloud applications, customers are looking for options to integrate their existing on premise systems and applications with SuccessFactors. SFSF adapter provides this capability and can be used for on premise to SuccessFactors integration.

Some example scenarios for integration between SAP ERP HCM and SuccessFactors Employee Central and how they can be achieved using the SFSF adapter:

1. Employee Central Compound Employee to ERP HCM Employee Replication

2. ERP HCM Cost Center to Employee Central Cost Center

3. Employee Central Compound Employee to ERP HCM Employee Organizational Replication


  1. SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (for supported SP’s refer the Compatibility Matrix below)
  2. Administrative access to the following:
    • System landscape directory (SLD)
    • SUM tool
    • Enterprise service tool
    • SAP NetWeaver Administrator (NWA)

Capabilities of the SFSF Adapter

  1. Login, Logout and Session Handling - The SFSF adapter uses basic authentication (user ID and password) for verifying the identity of the user. When you log in to the SuccessFactors system, it generates a session token that is required for transacting with the system. The SFSF adapter uses this token for session handling. The adapter internally takes care of login, logout and session handling.
  2. Query, Insert, Update and Upsert Operations - The SFSF adapter supports all standard SFAPI operations: Query, Insert, Update and Upsert. These operations help you to send and receive data from the SuccessFactors system.
  3. Simple and Compound SFAPI - The Simple SFAPI’s are flat structured entities whereas Compound SFAPI’s are nested entities. Both types of entities are supported by SFSF Adapter.  For more details on the Employee Central Entities, read the blog Employee Central Entities and Interfacing
  4. Auto XSD Generation for Mapping - The SFQL when modeled using the Operations Modeler generates an XSD file which can be used mapping purposes.
  5. Automatic Data Polling using Scheduler - The scheduler enables you to configure SFSF adapter as a Sender Channel to automatically poll data from the SuccessFactors system at a regular interval.
  6. Delta Sync - The delta sync features enables you to fetch only the records that were modified after the last successful data fetch from the SuccessFactors system. This increases the efficiency of the query operation.
  7. Dynamic query specification using payload - The Process Integration mappings can be used to dynamically specify query using PI payload as and when you execute it.
  8. Multiple SFSF calls and merge payloads - You can use the SFSF adapter to initiate multiple lines of communication to the SuccessFactors system multiple times.

Compatibility Matrix

SAP NetWeaver Process Integration, connectivity add-on 1.0 SP0 is compatible with:

  • SAP NW PI 711 >=SP12
  • SAP NW PI 730 >=SP10
  • SAP NW PI 731 >=SP09
  • SAP NW PI 740 >=SP04

Documentation & Download Link

  1. Documentation:  SAP NetWeaver Process Integration, connectivity add-on 1.0
  2. Download Link: Software Downloads | SAP Support Portal > Support Packages and Patches  > Browse our Download Catalog > SAP NetWeaver and complementary products > SAP NW PI CONNECTIVITY ADDON > PI CONNECTIVITY ADDON 1.0

Additional Resources

  1. OData Adapter and SFSF Adapter (extensions) for SAP NW Process Integration
  2. HowTo: Configure Communication Channel with SFSF Adapter for SAP Process Integration (PI)
  3. HowTo: Configure Communication Channel with SFSF Adapter (with REST Message Protocol) for SAP Proces...

Hope this blog helped you know the new SFSF adapter and its capabilities. Please send in your feedback via the comments section.