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     Good news before you eat that Turkey on Christmas is that real time integration with SuccessFactors Onboarding is possible.

     Accessing Onboarding API's for reading and posting data resulted in labored trials, as we tried using SFSF Connectivity Add-on 1.0 for PI and      Successfactors connector in Boomi.


     We tend to choose the Endpoint as 'Other' (PI/Boomi) for the Onboarding or tried PI Axis configuration for Webservices - both reward less.

     Acquired from KMS, onboarding is yet to be part of BizX stack - where all other SuccessFactor applications like Employee Central, Recruiting, Succession      Planning etc are present. 

     1. First step is to enter the WSDL endpoint in browser and save the WSDL displayed. Import WSDL as External definition in PI.


     2. Import the SSL certifcate for Onboarding from the 'Certificate Information' link in browser as highlightrd in the right of configuration below.


     3. Create the Webservice channel for Onboarding as shown above.

          Remove the '?wsdl' from WSDL endpoint and enter the rest as 'Target URL' in Webservice adapter (SOAP) in PI.

     4. Building the Integration process -

          Our process should start with a call to the API 'BeginSession' to get the 'Ticket number' to be used in all subsequent API calls.

          The Ticket number unlike the SessionID for BizX stack is not to be a part of the Webservice Request Header.


          Rather it is a part of request payloads for all Onboarding API's.

          Hence to retain the Ticket number in PI and call the actual API, (in my case the 'AddHRDataRecord') we can create the BPM as shown below.


               Am sure the same approach would work in Boomi or any other Integration platform.