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With numerous customers from different industries, we recently completed our first hybrid online and in-person One process Acceleration Layer Breakfast Meeting.

In this blog, I will summarize our insights from that day and explain why we think peer-2-peer communication is key to establishing sustainable and authentic customer relationships.

What’s One Process Acceleration Layer and why changing the point of view is crucial for us?

One Process Acceleration Layer is the practice we developed at SAP Signavio to support better and faster transformations. Our team is dedicated to collect and generate value accelerators (including process models, metrics, industry best practices, thought leadership and much more) that embed the collective knowledge and experience from thousands of transformation projects that SAP delivered over the years.

These value accelerators and best practices can be accessed and explored via the SAP Signavio Process Explorer, which will be generally available in January 2023.

Our daily mission is to enable acceleration in the following areas:  time-to-insight - knowing exactly where to focus on efforts, as well as time-to-adapt - be able to adjust and react to the rapidly changing environment.

Since we put people at the center of processes and thus of a sustainable and successful transformation, an active exchange, open feedback, and sharing of know-how are among the most important pillars of the One Process Acceleration Layer practice. In this context, the breakfast sessions are a cornerstone of our user-oriented process culture and enable direct contact with our customers. They create an exclusive framework in which an active and value-creating exchange can take place for our customers by offering a space in which they can place their direct and unfiltered feedback, as well as questions, in a targeted manner.

We want to actively and regularly use this breakfast session format as a chance to understand our customers' pain points and showcase the value they can obtain by leveraging best practices and accelerator assets. Also, through this breakfast series, we can provide exclusive previews of upcoming topics, lay the groundwork for further deep dives, and regularly provide feedback on how we use customer input to further develop our practice.


5 Colleagues, a breakfast and how we can make the difference.

Five One Process Acceleration Layer leading experts took the chance to give an overview of their areas of responsibility. They provided exclusive sneak peeks about upcoming topics, projects, and content and used the chance to learn from our customers on equal terms to get a more detailed picture of the daily situations they must deal with.

In three hours, a basis for exchange with added value was created in which both sides could take away a lot through the change of perspectives.We showed our customers how they can actively use our content, demonstrating that their transformation doesn't have to start with a blank page.

At the end of the session, we asked the participants for some feedback and received the following one from a Head of Transformation Management of a well-known organization:"I like this session very much. That’s exactly what we need: process content that we can use and helps us to accelerate for our transformation to SAP S/4HANA”

Quotes like these drive us daily on our way to make knowledge tangible and consumable to not only bring sustainable transformation forward but to accelerate it.


How do you become a part of it?

By keeping our customers at the center of our priorities and continuously understanding their pain points, we are planning a series 2023 of customer breakfasts and events.

These events will allow us with our customers, to engage in different interesting formats and continue accompanying them in their transformation journey.

Dedicated communications with all details will be provided but meanwhile, if you want to know more about these sessions and express your interest in participating, feel free to reach out to us directly via

 The Big 5 of this blog post:

  1. One Process Accelerations Layer is a practice for better and faster transformations that delivers best practices and value accelerators deriving from thousands of projects delivered

  2. These can include process models, metrics, industry best practices, thought leadership, and much more

  3. By accessing these assets, you can find guidelines and inspiration and avoid the complexity of starting from a blank page

  4. The SAP Signavio Process Explorer is the solution to access and explore best practices and value accelerators and general availability starts January 2023

  5. We see each other in 2023 with the next in our breakfast series


Especially in today's times, it is even more important to pause, listen to each other and appreciate those who walk the path with you.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has accompanied and supported us on our journey in 2022 and at the same time say to all new friends, users, partners and customers who will join us in 2023: We look forward to our journey in 2023.- together with you!


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