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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
There's been a new Gerrit pane in SAP Web IDE for a few weeks now, but the latest release includes the ability to submit and merge changes in Gerrit from within the IDE.

The workflow is below, but here's a 2-minute video that shows you the basics:


The first thing you need to do is to clone the repository and make sure you indicate to SAP Web IDE that the repository uses Gerrit.

If, instead of cloning an existing repository, you initialize a new repository and then set a remote repository for it, you also need to indicate that the remote repository uses Gerrit.

Viewing Your Gerrit Changes

Once you've cloned, you can see the Gerrit changes that either you own (i.e., you committed and pushed) or the changes you were added as a reviewer. Make sure to:

  1. Select the project.

  2. Open the Gerrit pane

  3. Click the refresh button .

Your changes are shown. If your the owner, you'll see your picture (and your name if you hover and view the tooltip). You can use the filters to see only the ones you committed or only the ones for which you are reviewer.

To see the change in your Gerrit system, just click the name of the change.

If the change has been code reviewed, you'll see a check under CR, and if it is verified you'll see a check under the V.

Submitting Changes

If your change is ready to be submitted, then the Submit button will be enabled and you will be able to submit it. Once submitted, it will be removed from the list in SAP Web IDE and it will be merged into the code.

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