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It’s been a while since we’ve posted one of these question round-ups – the last one was back in March. Since then, you’ve been busy asking lots of questions about all sorts of topics, so here are some of the most prominent.

Project issues

Why can’t I start my streaming project? Or, if my project is started, why can’t I see any data?

While this issue can come up for several reasons, a big one that keeps coming up is confusion between when to use adapter absolute paths, and when to use relative paths. Short answer: one is for schema discovery, the other is for running projects. Long answer: take a look at Rob’s answer on this post, or watch this new video about it.

After compiling my project and then trying to run it, I get a cluster error. How can I find out more?

This question came up recently, but not for the first time. Just as above, this could be a problem with your adapter configuration, or your data service configuration. You can find out more about the error by looking at the streaming analytics log files, though: in studio, simply double-click your HANA server to bring up the system overview, then open the Diagnosis Files tab. Search for any logs that have “streamingserver~” as part of the name.

See the answer on the original post from last year for more information, or watch this video for a visual breakdown.


HANA express edition

Does streaming analytics come as part of the free version of HANA, express edition?

Yes! Streaming analytics is a separate download file through the HANA express download manager, and you can grab it any time. See here for the original question (and the error that prompted it).

You can also check out this blog to find out more about streaming analytics in HANA, express edition – the capability was introduced earlier this year.

I’m having problems installing streaming analytics on HANA, express edition. What could be the problem?

If you see this error:
Add Service for database failed;Given host: hxehost for database: 3 does not have streaming host role: worker xs_worker SQLSTATE: HY000

…there might have been a failure installing an XSA application before you installed streaming analytics, and now that’s causing problems. Check out the answer here for more information.


Social media

How do I get streaming analytics (or ESP) to read data from a social media feed, such as Twitter or Facebook?

Although neither streaming nor ESP has an adapter that handles that task exclusively, you can easily build a custom adapter using the provided toolkit. Check out this tutorial on building custom adapters, or look over the documentation for a broader scope.


Do you have more questions that aren’t answered here? Ask a Question and add "smart data streaming" (and later "streaming analytics") as the primary tag to get it posted to our developer page where one of our product experts can help you. Check out our complete list of streaming analytics questions to see if someone has already had the same question as you. Thanks for reading!