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What is PHASE-WISE ?

Phase-wise installation of BI 4.2 installer You can now perform the installation of BI platform 4.2 in two phases - Caching and Installation after caching.

During caching the system downtime is eliminated, which reduces the overall system downtime.This will save your time and more importantly if you have issues in INSTALL-DATA folder or any files or any issue which may arise during the update because of Cache will be minimized and your main server update will be unaffected.

Pre-requisites before proceeding :

  • Ensure you take the necessary backup of CMS database and Filestore for safe side using KBA-1275068 - Backup and restore BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.x / BI 4.x system from one environment to another.
  • Follow BEST practice KBA- 1952120 - SAP BusinessObjects (XI 3.1 and BI 4.0) Installation pre-requisites & best practices / KBA-1757132 - BI4 Support Pack Upgrade and Patch Install Best Practice Guide
  • Download the correct setup for SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) platform UPDATE from Support and Patches section in SMP ( Service Market Place)
  • Applicable for BI 4.2 Installers and should not be tried with BI 4.0/4.1 products.
  • VERY IMPORTANT : If updating the Server from BI 4.1 ensure to check the licensee policy and requirement using link :  BI4.2 New License Key Requirement when updating from BI4.0/BI4.1

Step by Step Update using Phase-wise installation method in BI 4.2

  • Navigate to command prompt ( Elevated Mode : Run as Administrator ) & Enter the location where the software is downloaded.

  • Enter the setup.exe -cache <path><file name>.
    • Here I have Created "phaseresponse" folder for it : setup.exe -cache c:\phaseresponse\response.ini

In the Installation wizard window, review the instructions displayed.

"In the License Agreement window, review and accept the license agreement.In the New License Key Requirement window, review the contents of the New License Key Requirement, and select the check box I have read the documentation and understand the process to request the new license

key, and agree to add the new license key after update installation, and choose Next Note When you update your system from Business Intelligence Platform 4.2 SP1 or earlier versions to Business Intelligence Platform 4.2 SP2 or higher versions, the existing licenses behave as invalid licenses. You need

to request a new license key for Business Intelligence Platform 4.2 update from SAP Service Market Place, visit For more information on how to request a new license key, visit "

After you update your system to Business Intelligence Platform 4.2 update, you must logon to Central Management Console; delete the old license key and add the new license key. Alternatively, you can run the script to delete the license keys. For more information on how to delete the license key through the script,see SAP Note 227613 Until you add the new license key in Central Management Console, certain servers are in disabled state.Once you add the new license key, navigate to Servers window, enable those servers which are in disabled state.

For more information, see Business Intelligence Platform Administrator Guide

  • In the Existing CMS Deployment Information window, enter the CMS Logon Administrator Information password.

  • Start Installation window apperars, To start caching, choose Next.

  • Caching completed successfully screen appears. !!! Please note this Windows will be minimized in Task Bar So Please check it or it will appear that installer is hung"

During the caching process the system downtime is eliminated and servers can be up and running during this process and no changes to done.

Step by Step Starting the update :

  • Once the response file is generated and caching is done then you can follow the Best practices KBA mentioned in the Pre-requisites. THIS WILL REQUIRE THE DOWNTIME AND UPDATE STRATEGY WE FOLLOW"

  • Navigate to the directory where response.ini file is located.

  • Edit and Enter the Remote CMS Administrator Password and save the response.ini file.

  • Navigate to command prompt.Enter the location where the software is downloaded.
  • Enter the setup.exe -resume_after_cache <path><file name>.
    • Here I have Created "phaseresponse" folder for it : setup.exe -resume_after_cache c:\phaseresponse\response.ini

  • In the Resume installation window, choose OK

In the Post Installation Steps window, follow the instructions and choose Next

The installation of SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform 4.2 update is completed successfully.


● You can experience the system downtime only during the installation after caching, hence the overall

system downtime is reduced.

● After you start the installation, the installer repairs any errors that occurred during the caching and

proceeds with the installation.