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The Notification Framework of SAP for Me


If you are using SAP for Me, you’ll probably know the Notification Management. A prominent “bell” icon in the header informs you about important updates and information - e.g. new SAP Notes or KBAs meeting your personal filter settings, legal changes, or incidents.

Furthermore, you can opt to receive emails or SMS notifications. You make these settings in Settings > SAP ONE Support Launchpad, which you can reach directly from the notification screen. To ensure you are getting notifications, make sure you've entered the correct email address and/or mobile number in your account.

The more diverse the sources for notifications are, the more useful this function is. In this blog, I will describe how SAP EarlyWatch Alert data relevant for you can trigger notifications.

Most likely you all know SAP EarlyWatch Alert; an automatic diagnostic service for the essential administrative areas of an SAP system. SAP recommends that you consume the corresponding reports in the cloud-based SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace in SAP for Me.

I think it’s quite obvious that SAP EarlyWatch Alert is a very useful for notifications to make sure that you are not missing important information. For optimal use, however, only those alerts that fall within your area of interest or responsibility should trigger a notification. This is exactly what the notification settings for SAP EarlyWatch Alert offers to you.


Creating a View


To confine the displayed data to the areas of your interest or responsibility in the SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace there is already a popular and proven method: views. A view is a set of filter settings, e.g. for restricting the displayed alerts to special customers, systems or database types. Before you’ll be able to receive notifications, you have to create your own view in the SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace. To do so, create filter settings so that the displayed data confines to the areas you are interested in. To save these settings as a view, open the My Views window by selecting the active view in the filter bar (by default, this is Standard), select Save As, and choose a name for the view.

By connecting notifications to the views you created, you can be sure to receive only alerts you are interested in.

In case you are not familiar using views, have a look at the following blogs, where (among others) the concept is introduced:


Activating Notifications


After creating a view, just call up Manage Notifications for the application SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace; as for the other topics, you can set the type of notification you want to receive here.

If you click on the customizing icon marked with an arrow, the next screen appears.

You can see that you can activate notification for Views and Topics.

You can activate notification for all Views you’ve created in the SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace – but it might take a moment after the creation of the view until it is displayed here.

The Topics represent different topics covered by SAP EarlyWatch Alert. At the moment, the following topics can trigger notifications:

  • Alerts

If a new decisive red alert in the SAP EarlyWatch Alert reports within the filter settings of the corresponding view occurs, then a notification is triggered.

  • 2 Billion Record Limit - Critical Tables

The 2 Billion Record Limit monitors and forecasts the number of entries in SAP HANA tables - if a table or a partition, which is in the top 40 by number of entries, approaches this limit, the table is considered as critical, and a worst case date is determined. This is the result of an unfavorable, yet possible forecast - with a probability of 80% the limit is reached later.

The priority depends on the period until the worst-case date is reached – from priority 3 (less than 90 days) to priority 1 (less than 30 days). If an issue with a higher priority or with priority 1 occurs in a SAP HANA table within the filter settings of the corresponding view, then a notification is triggered.

  • 2 Billion Record Limit - Solved Tables

If a new SAP HANA table is solved in a database within the filter settings of the corresponding view, then a notification is triggered.

A table or a partition is regarded as solved if it once fulfilled the condition mentioned above for any priority. Now, however, the table is not in the top 40 or does not reach the record limit in the next 30 weeks anymore.

  • SAP HANA Main Memory Forecast

The index server is the most critical component with regard to SAP HANA memory consumption and must be monitored regularly. A notification is triggered if an index server within the filter settings of the corresponding view meets one of the following conditions:

    • The memory consumption is growing significantly faster than usual.

    • A new level of criticality is reached (there are the following levels, depending on the period until the effective allocation limit may be reached: 3 Months - 6 Months, 1 Week - 3 Months, Already reached).

    • The forecast is not possible for the first time due to insufficient data.

    • The memory consumption was regarded as critical before, is now not reaching the limit within the next 6 months.

  • Severe Slowdowns

A severe slowdown occurs If during a business hour after an event (SAP Product Upgrade or SAP S/4HANA Conversion) dialog steps for any relevant task type significantly decrease while average response time significantly increase.

A task type is considered relevant, if it has an direct impact for the response time experienced by the end-user - in detail DIALOG, HTTP, HTTPS, and WS-HTTP. During that time the daily work is affected due to lower productivity and performance of the system.

  • No Current Service Report

SAP EarlyWatch Alert gives an overview on KPIs and alerts on a weekly basis. If one of the weekly reports for any activated SAP component is not uploaded to SAP, this alert is raised.


Receiving Notifications


After you have activated notifications for SAP EarlyWatch Alert, you will be informed whenever a new issue relevant for you is detected. Here are two examples for the corresponding mails:

Here, two new decisive red alert in two of your systems covered by the view My ERP Systems occurred.

Here, one table in a SAP HANA database covered by the view My Databases will reach the maximum number of entries within 60 days.

As you can see, you can always unsubscribe the notification, if you don’t want to receive notifications regarding this view/topic any more.

You can also see these steps in the following video: