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The term “big data” is something all of us heard at least once since start of the new year and it is even crowned as the word of the year for 2012/2013.  It may be the new year resolution for many enterprises to explore. Google trends show 800% increase in the interest since 2011 alone and indeed trends show big data enabling technologies in the top job trends

The trend is un-deniable but the following several questions came to my mind.

  1. What is that the enterprises trying to do with big data?
  2. What is stopping the same enterprises to do what they want to do with big data now?
  3. What is the easiest way for enterprises to leverage big data without having to spend in-ordinate amount time, effort and money?

What is that the enterprises trying to do with big data?

Answering this question is easy.  Several tech companies has already shown what they can do with big data (amazon with their shopping recommendations, google with their google suggest, ad program…etc). Big data is really helping these enterprises to understand their customer like never before.

*source:  Gartner – Toolkit: Big Data Business Opportunities From Over 100 Use Cases – Jul 2013

Very good understanding of customer needs will automatically mean success and if you can continue if will result sustained success which of course everybody wants.  This understanding is often referred 360 degree view of the customer and it is one of top use cases of big data for enterprises.

What is stopping the same enterprises to do what they want to do with big data now?

The tech companies by now might know more about us than we know about ourselves but this still seem to be science fiction for non-tech enterprises when it comes to level of customer understanding.  As we leave our digital fingerprints all over as we conduct our daily lives, enterprises have treasure trove of information about their customers in their transactional systems such as ERP, CRM and etc.  Business information warehouses (BW) did try to address some of the needs of enterprises by providing combined of view data from various systems

  • Exploding data volumes limit visibility into all data
  • Long wait times for reports means a business community not able to react quickly
  • Expectations for real-time insight  not possible within the confines of disk based systems
  • Business users frustrated with slow running reports leading to an under-utilized BW investment
  • IT cannot react quickly enough to changing business requirements
  • No support for Unstructured Data
  • Big Data tools exist with shortage of skills and lack real time support

What is the easiest way for enterprises to leverage big data’s top use case without having to spend in-ordinate amount time, effort and money?

Customer Engagement Intelligence(CEI) application powered by HANA is truly a unique application that provides comprehensive understanding of true customer value with every customer interaction you have.

SAP Customer  Value Intelligence

Provides Sales and Marketing Managers with deeper understanding of their Core, Opportunistic, Marginal and Service Drain customers and helps them position the right products and services to the right customer segments.

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SAP Audience Discovery & Targeting

Allows Marketing Managers to engage customers and convert prospects by running advanced segmentations on large customer populations and distilling insights into targeted and personalized marketing campaigns.

SAP Account Intelligence

Provides mobile sales teams with real-time customer insights and personalized selling recommendations that allow them to create target lists, increase the effectiveness of their sales visits, and seize sales opportunities from anywhere.

SAP Social Contact Intelligence

Instantly unlock sentiment and contact insights from both social media channels and internal, company-owned sources to better target and influence prospects and customers in a variety of ways.

Cool application isn’t it (if you have gone through the above links)? It is also interesting to note that CEI application is often referred as analytical application (yes it combines analytical capability + transactional ability and HTML5 based UI provides a unique user experience).  This application among many things allows you to analyze customer information, create customer segme....  So we are seeing combined power of analytical + transactional with tighter integration to traditional transactional systems like never before.

Home screen from SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence application

Big data journey is just a turnkey away:

Rapid deployment solutions will help you to implement Customer Engagement Intelligence in a matter of weeks. Understand your customers well and drive your sales strategically – in 12 weeks!

You are still covered despite your data is coming from legacy or non-sap systems.

Rapid Data Load to Customer Engagement Intelligence (CEI) powered by SAP HANA Part I

Just to summarize, the top most use case of big data is to truly understand your customers like never before. The hybrid real-time analytical application such as “customer engagement intelligence” fills the void left by the traditional systems/applications and makes it easy for today’s enterprises to enter into real time big data analytics . The whole thing becomes just a turnkey away with support from Rapid Deployment Solutions.