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Are you scared of making changes to our code? Do you spent a lot of time debugging or maintaining your code? Are you new to JavaScript and do not know the language’s many pitfalls ? Do you fear cross browser issues? Then you should start with Test Driven Development (TDD). Manual Testing of SAPUI5 applications is time consuming and error-prone. Since your application should run on a lot of different browsers, testing them all manually in detail is impossible. Kent Beck states that the goal of test-driven development is clean code that works. TDD not only provides fast feedback, but also improves the structure of the code.

There is already a lot of great content out there dealing with Unit Testing in JavaScript Environments. In general, you can and should apply these concepts also for developing SAPUI5 applications. Since it is always hard to start and find the most relevant information, this blog post aggregates some links to useful content:

This blog post is part of a series, like the following blog post to stay tuned and get updates about more topics around software engineering with SAPUI5 and JavaScript: