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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
As always, mental warm up questions:

When was the last time you had an incredibly bad pizza or an incredibly amazing pizza?

I mean like when you felt like 3-Star Michelin Gourmet pizza at an affordable price at a lovely place. Life changing pizza. Got it?

Perfect, now the same with truffle. Horrific truffle, super amazing truffle. Still got it?

Personally, I find it hard to think of such situation, so if you have a good answer you would like to share, please do... maybe your experience even included a truffle pizza.

So arguably, pizza is a simple dish (which is very hard to perfect) and truffle is a very valuable ingredient (due to it's rarity and distinct taste). On a personal level, SAP Signavio Process Insights has been the perfect combination of both simplicity and value. Maybe you remember the quote
“In the new world, it is not the big fish which eats the small fish, it's the fast fish which eats the slow fish.” - Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman World Economic Forum

I very much believe it to be true, yet I also would like to highlight that the fast fish needs to have some value, too, whether it being tasty, aesthetically pleasing, and so on.

And this is what SAP Signavio Process Insights is about. It is fast to set up - we have shown it live on stage during an event in under 15 minutes. But to keep it simple, let's say it is one day.

At the same time, customers have given us feedback that they had a level of insight which they could not even dare to ask for. Not, because everything they saw was new and so revealing. But moreover, because for the first time they would receive a broad view of the organization across many processes at the same time to have a data-driven discussion within their organization - at all levels of the organization. On one hand, you bring technology and business process conversations together, at the same time . To confirm what they had known, to confirm that some identified pain points were good choices to address, but also to reveal new correlations of issues to understand the real impact of specific process improvements. Maybe you know that fixing incomplete data in the Lead to Offer process will improve your overall cycle time here, but maybe you did not know yet that this same issue is also responsible for additional manual activities later in finance.

And the best - not only insights, but also specific recommendations on what to do next. Whether it is in form of correction recommendations ("Specific fix to remediate a suboptimal situation") or an innovation recommendation ("Feature within the SAP portfolio to optimal value of the solutions available")

My own words:

For any SAP customer,
SAP Signavio Process Insights is the best start of any transformation activity

- whether operational or strategic, quick-wins or long-term, small or large (in company size, number of problems, resources, etc.). 


Let me add some personal insights...

I have done the process flows you see in the tool back in the days many years ago in the ERP system via SQ01 and SQVI. For the people who do not know: those are transaction codes to create custom queries, which are basically putting different tables and their data fields together to get some insights. 

I did not need a tool like SAP Signavio Process Insights back then. But I tell you, if I did, I would have saved so much time and effort - but not only mine, but of the entire organization. We did not know better then (and it did not exist), but times are a changing!

Quick Question: How many cars are currently parked in the parking garage at the mall. 1? 1 million? Obviously, something in between...

SAP Signavio Process Insights is the super quick enabler to create the context. 1, 2, 3, ... while 999998, 999999, 1000000 at the same time in lighting speed coupled with Quicksort, Introsort and Timsort on steroids! And along the way you will be able to tell what car makes there are, what colours they have, since when they have parked there, etc.

Because did you not get the memo?

"How many cars" was never the relevant question. It was just the first one, the easy one while extremely tedious one.

But basics need to be fundamentals first, then you can move on to the others. So don't think that "SIMPLE and FAST" means anything remotely like "EASY and SHALLOW".

SIMPLE is easy to understand, easy to talk about, hard to do - but we have done the hard work for you already!

FAST means you being able to go finish your work ahead of time, meaning you giving value to your colleagues and organization. It means avoiding lengthy discussions of "what to analyse and why and how and what will it bring and what should I do".

Our answers to those by the way - out of the box

  • Process Performance Flows,

  • Process Performance Indicators,

  • Benchmarks,

  • Recommendations

  • and many more


Let's take below screenshot and jump right into the Rabbit Hole with some more advanced questions:

  • Is there a correlation between "Delivery created after planned material availability" and "Sales order items incomplete for billing"?

  • How about "Sales order items incomplete for delivery" and "Sales order items incomplete for billing"?

  • What is the subset of "Sales order items incomplete for billing" within the "Sales order items not confirmed", if any?

All the above I can answer with less than 3 clicks under one minute.

The answers go beyond "Yes"/"No", but I can show you "How many" and whether the value of impacted documents would be interested to investigate further. And finally, I could show you that while identifying problems quickly is important (a basic becoming a fundamental), I can also show you what to do to fix and where to focus next!


So here is the call to action:

How can I help? How can we help? Contact me or anyone of my fellow contributors here at SAP.

Have a look by browsing these links for other great contributions around the topic of Business Process Transformation, SAP Signavio and other topics around business process management.


Until then,