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About Valire’s Validator

Go-live period of a new or maintained ERP system is vulnerable phase for any enterprise. It is not uncommon that during the initial production phase enterprises suffers from depletion of cash, decrease in productivity, damages to customer service reputation and more. Valire’s solution – the Validator™, is an Online Business Fault Detection Platform.  Validator can be considered as an enterprise safety net against uncovered business leaks. The enterprise ERP is constantly monitored for abnormal situations. Whenever Validator detects such a faulty condition, it logs the issue and notifies, in real time, the problem to all relevant users.  Users can then take corrective actions to address the immediate fault case and repair the underlying source of problem. The Abnormal situation is defined into the Validator as a testing point that is than applied in real time on all relevant business documents.

Use case

Valire’s customers rely on the Validator’s ability to analyze, in real time, large amounts of business documents and guard against hundreds of potential faults. This need represent a technical challenge!

Consider for example one of Valire's customers CBC (Coca-Cola Israel). CBC releases most of their invoices once a month. Some of the invoices are quite large in size (1-2 GB) since they represent a large activity done with a retail chain. Around 225,000 invoices (25GB in size) are generated in a burst by the SAP system. This burst gets into the Validator for business fault detection, and obviously CBC wants to get the analysis results ASAP. Today (using standard SQL data base), analyzing this burst takes a few hours to complete which is longer than CBC requires.

We expect HANA to improve the cycle time of the real-time analysis in an order of X (10-15), thus enable the Validator to keep track with the SAP ERP and maintain similar throughput.

How HANA work with the solution

HANA is replacing the Validator’s embedded data base. All the business documents fetched from the SAP data base are stored in HANA. In addition HANA is serving both the Validation Manager module that process the different testing points against the business documents, and the Result Manager that manages the failure results for alerts and online reports, through Valire’s portal.

Valire LTD is a participant of the first cycle of Start Up Focus Program in Israel