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The openSAP course "Use SAP AI Business Services to Kick-Start Your Intelligent Processes" is now live! By joining this course you will get to know SAP AI Business Services, which can be used in almost each and every possible LoB and Industry.

It's not simply about business services and not only about the difficulty to grasp the topic Artificial Intelligence. SAP AI Business Services offer both: business services infused with AI.
What are business services?
The profound knowledge & experience of SAP among many industries gives SAP the possibility to offer its customers best practices for different processes. 

SAP AI Business Services support organizations in overcoming complexity hurdles in their first machine-learning projects by providing easy-to-use and enterprise-ready intelligent business services. These business services help to solve specific business problems in a number of different business processes.

What does this openSAP course offer?
This course provides an introduction to SAP AI Business Services. It will explain the different services from a business perspective as well as from a technical point of view.
On the one hand side you will get to know all about the end-to-end business process perspective, the course will show and explain use cases and demos – it will give you the possibility to grasp the usage potential of SAP AI Business Services scenarios in your own organization.

On the other hand side, the course will explain the technical details of the SAP AI Business Services and introduce you to the functions, show API demos (e.g. training and inference), explain which API endpoints can be used and provide you the requirements for every service of the portfolio. You will also have the opportunity to get hands-on experience and try the services yourself using the SAP Cloud Platform Trial: To do this, you can use the free SAP Cloud Platform trial. Use this tutorial to find out how to register for the free trial experience.


To put it in a nutshell - You will learn how and why SAP AI Business Services can optimize your day-to-day business experience and make your processes more efficient. Seeing a variety of use cases for SAP AI Business Services will give you the opportunity to identify usage possibilities for your own organization.

Enroll today and start on 14th october 2020!
By 12th november 2020 you will be ready to go, packed up with information to start your intelligent journey with SAP AI Business Services in your business!


Click on the image for the openSAP website of the course.


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For detailed information on specific SAP AI Business Services, please take a look on the links listed below: 

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Service Ticket Intelligence
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Data Attribute Recommendation
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