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Until recently, the integration of Cloud to Cloud scenarios or hybrid scenarios was based on integration guides, help pages, blog posts or other written documentation.

Now, Cloud Integration Automation Service (CIAS) provides partially automated, role based workflows, including system landscape information and integrated parameter management.

The first step to make use of this service is to subscribe via the service marketplace on your Business Technology Platform sub account. You can find more details on how to subscribe to the Cloud Integration Automation Service in this blog.

Once you know which scenario you want to integrate, you can start to create the workflow.

1. Select the Scenario

In the overview of the CIAS Launchpad you will see the list of available scenarios. If you choose one scenario, you get more details (e.g. configuration of the Custom Code Migration App):


2. Select the Systems for the Scenario

If you continue with "Select Systems", you will get a list of systems that are necessary for the configuration of this scenario:

In the case of the configuration of the Custom Code Migration App you need to specify an SAP Business Suite System and a Cloud Connector System.

The list are all systems that are assigned to the user who started the workflow. The systems need to be assigned to the user in the BTP account.

After you have assigned the systems to the workflow, you can press "Generate Workflow". If one or more systems are missing, you can still generate the workflow but you will get this warning:


3. Generate the workflow

Next step is to select the BTP account where the workflow will be generated:

Before the generation of the workflow starts, you get a summary of the details: which scenario, which systems and to which account the workflow goes:

Now you can generate the workflow and after a few seconds, you will get the success message and a link to the CIAS launchpad to open the workflow:


4. Do the first tasks of the workflow

The first few tasks of every workflow are the same:

  1. Disclaimer

  2. Confirm System Components

  3. Assign Users to required Roles



Standard Disclaimer for the usage of the service. Read the text and press "I Agree".


Confirm System Components

Here you may need add or change some System specific information, e.g. access URLs.

Once all mandatory fields are filled, you can continue and press "Confirm Systems".


Assign Users to required Roles

Here you need to enter the users that are supposed to do the tasks in the respective system. E.g. the administrator of the Business Suite system might be the right person to do the tasks inside the Business Suite system. Press “Confirm Role Assignment”.


Now let's take a look at the monitoring view:

In the monitoring view you can see all workflows that have been generated in this account. If you have the right privileges you can modify the workflow or terminate it.

You can also check the progress of the workflow. In the above example you see that the first 3 tasks were completed. The 4th task "Confirm execution scope for the scenario" is next. It will show up in the inbox of the person to which this task was assigned.

In my next blog I will show you some additional features of the Cloud Integration Automation Service.
Best Regards

Stefan Jakobi

Product Management CLM