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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Welcome to the HANA 2.0 SPS 03 SQL Ref Guide

Handy Links for You

Remember, you can switch between different versions of HANA documentation once you are in the SAP Help Portal by fiddling with the Version dropdown located in the top right corner of the window.

Official SQL reference guide: HANA 2.0 SPS 03 - SAP HANA SQL and System View Reference

Other helpful links for the release:

Improvements To Enjoy

Leaving feedback on topics

Previously, to leave feedback, you clicked the thumbs-up sign. But likely a few of you didn't, afraid that by clicking that icon you might leave the impression you liked the topic. Help Portal now solicits your feedback using a Was this topic helpful? area in the right pane. Depending the reply you pick, you get lots of options to customize your feedback.

And while I'm at it, the more specific you can be in your feedback, the more likely you are to influence the improvements we make. Comments with specifics are far more helpful than generalized ones.  Unfortunately, the box to put the feedback in is wee (sorry). But that is just a display limitation. If you have a lot to say, draft your comment in a text editor where you can see it all at once and then paste the final version into the wee field when done.

Download the PDF for any guide

If you're in the dream guide you love and want to take it with you everywhere you go, you can now use the handy Download PDF widget in the top right of the Help Portal window.

Search improvements

Search result lists now show content snippets - one for each search result item. Also, the terms you are searching for are now highlighted in the results.

New "Permissions" section in statement topics

We got feedback that it would be handy(er) if we teased out any privilege and device permission information into its own section, and that made sense so we've done it. Some statements may still not have the section though; it depended on whether there was something meaningful to put in it.

Hierarchy functions topics

If you are a consumer of the hierarchy function topics, you've probably already noticed that they are documented twice - once in the SAP HANA SQL Reference Guide, and again in the Hierarchy Guide, AND that they were not identical either. To reduce confusion, hierarchy users can now find all hierarchy-related documentation together in the SAP HANA Hierarchy Guide; the hierarchy function topics in the SQL Ref guide are now gone.

Other stylish things you might notice:

No more "option" distinction - Since licensing and install information for HANA and its various options and capabilities is now captured in a single, handy location called the Feature Scope Description Guide, and since licensing models can change over time, the SQL Reference guide has moved away from using the term "option" when referring to an SAP HANA Option. Even the Table of Contents reflects this change!

So if you previously searched for things like "DT option" or "dynamic tiering option", just leave off the word option and you'll still find what you're looking for.

Have you explored the Feature Scope Description Guide?

Coz it's kinda cool... The Feature Scope Description for SAP HANA is always found on the SAP HANA Plaform page, and is the new home for myriad details about editions, licenses, and most importantly, what capabilities you have based on what you've licensed and installed. It's a great way to learn about capabilities you don't have too (and might want). You can even use the new Download PDF button to enjoy it offline by the fire with a coffee.