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Want to extend your existing SAP technology and solutions with trusted partner applications? This is your chance to learn how these exciting partners solutions can help you in managing your industry and business specific needs to achieve higher business and financial performance.

In this blog, we’ll introduce you to four top popular SAP Partner solutions with free teaser versions available for download. They are also available for purchase.

Now have fun joining us in exploring how our partners can assist you in releasing full potential of your business.

1)PwC: predictive analysis

The primary focus for this content is for finance.

Imagine having advanced business analytics to make your forecasting as accurate as possible. Imagine a data architecture that let you optimise your data assets and make faster decision.

PwC : predictive analysis develops predictive model and machine learning logic for your business’s specific use case. The dashboard visualizes actual and forecasted values per day. Tiles display the forecast error for the statistical forecasts compared to the manual forecast enabling the user to understand the quality of the forecast.

[caption id="attachment_15905" align="aligncenter" width="550"] PwC Predictive Analytics Dashboard[/caption]

2)Informotion: Corporate Data Collection

Is your business experiencing a diverse IT landscape when organizing your monthly financial close? Do you have data delivery of companies outside of the standard SAP landscape?

Informotion: corporate data collection offers a standardized and visual appealing way to delivery monthly information about income, balance sheet, and cash-flow in a convenient manner. Additionally, benefits for the submitting unit are provided via comprehensive data analysis, dashboarding functionality, and in-app commenting functions. The build-in predictive functions can be used to create an outlook on the future available cash-flow.

3)Infosys: Utilities 360

Is your utility sector business needing to gain a comprehensive understanding of your customer? Ever wonder how to improve your energy efficiency, offer optimal rates, or avoid billing issues? Maybe you'd like to enhance the performance of assets for seamless transmission and distribution?

Infosys: Utility 360 helps you to adapt to changing business and customer landscapes by offering an integrated view of customer profiles, contracts, usage overview, billing history, payments and interaction. Moreover, AI technologies are employed to distill actionable insights on predicting customer behaviour, performing advanced analytics and forecasting usage.

[caption id="attachment_15907" align="aligncenter" width="550"] Utilities 360 Story Boards[/caption]

4)Abaco: Industry supply chain

Looking for ways to achieve quick and solid results for your logistics and supply chain through informative and engaging dashboards?

Abaco: Industry supply chain package helps you to make smarter and faster decisions with an attractive dashboard with logistics KPIs, the story with Supply Chain KPIs, including "% of Deliveries and Collections" on time and not on time. Machine Learning analyzes data automatically, allows what-if scenarios, and suggests a set of KPIs based on your data.


Learn More

The solutions are available for purchase in SAP App Center. You can find how to download and try out the free teaser version of these solutions  here.

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Stay Tuned …

There will be even more blogs in this series to introduce and illustrate some exciting partner solutions. Stay tuned for another post where we'll introduce the popular solutions from wave 2. Please reach out to me with any questions or new ideas!
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