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We released a new Fiori application "My Inbox" with Fiori Wave 7. My Inbox is a single go to Inbox for dealing with SAP and non-SAP workflows in an enterprise. It follows Fiori design language for user experience.

With My Inbox you can,

1. Make decisions using mobile or desktop devices anywhere and anytime.

2. You can process your standard and custom workflow tasks from multiple sources.

3. You can collaborate by in a mini forum for each task, share documents through tasks,share tasks by  email, JAM and by explicit forwarding.

4. You can execute tasks en masse.

My Inbox is the successor of the Fiori Approve Requests application and Unified Inbox , thus it is recommended to implement My Inbox for managing your tasks. If you have already installed Approve Requests or Unified Inbox, you might consider switching to My Inbox.

Now let's take a closer look at My Inbox features.

1. Task List

The task list in My Inbox shows all your tasks.

1.1 Search

To look for a specific task from the task list, you can do a free text search.

1.2 Refresh

To manually refresh the task list you can select the refresh icon in the list view.

1.3 Sorting

Re ordering of tasks in the task list can be done based on Task title, Due Date, Priority, Created By and Created On.

1.4 Filtering and Grouping

To view a subset of your tasks you can filter on Priority, Due Date, Task type, Status and Creation Date.You can also group tasks according to Priority of the task, Status, Task Type or Reservation.

2 Task Details

The task detail screen gives detailed information of the selected task in the task list.

2.1 View details of a task

You can view the task attributes, task description and other task contextual data by navigating to the Information tab.

2.2 Execute Actions

You can perform actions on a task like Claim (to reserve a task), Release (to un reserve a task) or Forward a task.Certain workflows also allows you to perform decisions for example "Accept" and "Decline".

Other additional actions offered for all tasks are "Open" with which you can open the back end application.For example this back end application could be a R3 screen also. "Share" will post the task in a jam group and "Email" will send the task details via mail to the user.

2.3 Mass Actions

To execute actions on multiple tasks of same Task type at the same time without opening all the tasks.


To view or post comments for a task navigate to Comments icon tab bar.

2.5 Attachments

To  view, add or delete an attachment navigate to Attachment icon tab bar.

3 Substitution

You have the option of delegating your tasks to a substitute in your absence.You can also control whether your substitute can process all work items, or just specific work items.If you want your substitute to process only specific work items then you can do so by assigning a task group while creating a substitute. If you do not assign a task group then the substitute would process all the work items.If the user wants he could also delete a substitute.

View Substitution Screen

4 Extension

You can extend the My Inbox application according to your business needs for different aspects. For more information refer the My Inbox Extensibility


2118812 - How to Extend SAP Fiori My Inbox

5 Prerequisites

To know more about My Inbox application you could refer to the My Inbox App Library.

6 References

Release Information For My Inbox

Information For Approve Request

Application Help on Help Portal

SAP Note 2122334 - How to Migrate Approval Scenarios from Approve Requests to My Inbox.

SAP Note 2128548 -  How to Migrate From Unified Inbox to My Inbox.