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This blog is part of the blogs series for the new “Solution Readiness Dashboard” delivered as part of Focused Build SP12 delivery. This blog focuses on the Risks card which shows the open risks assigned to the selected project.


Please go through the first blog of the series: Solution Readiness Dashboard – Initial set up and Pre-requisites

Overview Page

This card provides overview of open risks assigned to selected project. Data point in the header of the chart depicts Number of Open Risks only and closed risk count is not included.

Colour of the data point depends on Risk Level.

  • If risk level is greater than or equal to '6' , data point colour turns Red

  • If risk level is equal to '3' or '4' , data point turns Orange

  • If risk level is less than '3' data point turn Green

Risks: Overview Page

The chart used here is Bubble chart. Here, chart is plotted using Impact, Probability, Risk count as measure and Criticality as Dimension.

Chart Legend :

Chart legend depicts the priority of the risk.

Variant Management and Save as tile

Refer the blog for more information on how to save variant and save as Tile. 

Detail Page:

This detail page is build based on Fiori Analytical List Page. Navigation to detail page can be done from the header of the card which would display below page.

By default, risk state filter (value = "Open" ) is applied, which would display open risks. Closed risks can be seen by changing risk state filter value to "Closed".

Selected project in overview page is carried to detail page as well.

                                                   Risk Details: Default filter

Risk Details : Detail Page

By default, the chart is plotted using 'Number of risks' as measure and 'Risk level', 'Risk status' as  dimension. These default settings can be changed  and also, chart type can be changed. Refer chart section of the blog  : Solution Readiness Dashboard: Project Task Card

Clicking on chart columns would filter the values in the table as shown below.

Risk Details : Filter values based on Chart


Adapt Filters:

It shows the additional filters which can be to filter bar.

     Risk Details : Adapt Filters


It displays the values based on the filters applied in the Filter bar.

Risk Details : Table

The first column refers to Risk ID for which navigation enabled. By clicking on the link would navigate to " My Risks " App as shown in the below image.

Risk Details : Navigation to My Risks App


Mass Change Navigation

Mass change navigation is enabled . To navigate to Mass Change App,

  1. Select the required entries

  2. Click on "Go to Mass Change" button.  Below page would display in separate dialog.

Risk Details : Navigation to Mass Change App

Export to Excel:

Refer Export to Excel section of the blog  : Solution Readiness Dashboard: Project Task Card