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This blog is part of the blogs series for the new "Solution Readiness Dashboard" delivered as part of Focused Build SP12 delivery. This blog focuses on the overview page and Detail page of the Project Task card.


Please go through the first blog of the series :Solution Readiness Dashboard – Initial set up and Pre-requisites

Overview Page:

This card shows the total number of project task according to their statuses. The project task data is extracted from Project Management App.

Project Task : Overview Page

Chart Legend:

Depicts the statuses of the Project Task. Sequence of the color in the chart is constant.

Days until Next Q-gate:

The data point in the header of chart  indicates the number of days until next quality gate. Tasks which are not in "Released status" are considered for calculation.

Data displayed in the card is categorized under 3 statuses. These statuses are decided based on the Task end date.

  1. To Be Done

  2. Overdue

  3. Completed

To Be Done :
If the end date is lower than current date, Task is classified under this status.

If the end date is greater than current date, Task is said to be overdue.

If the status of the task is completed, then it comes under completed status.

Detail Page:

This detail page is build based on Fiori Analytical List Page. Navigation to detail page can be done from the header of the card which would display below page. Project name in the detail page is carried forward from the overview page.

Project Task Detail Page

Variant Management and Save as tile

Refer the blog for more information on how to save variant and save as Tile.


The filter bar provides filter options on Main/Single project , Build project, Wave, Task and Task type. By default below filter fields are displayed on the detail Page.

Project Task Detail Page : Default Filters

Task Type Filter:

Task type value help consists of task types which are maintained in the below customizing.
SAP Solution Manager-->Focused Build-->Project Management Configuration-->Focused Build Projects - Task Type Visibility

Adapt Filters:

It shows the additional filters which can be to filter bar.

Project Task: Additional Filters


Chart is plotted using "Number of Task" as measure and "Task Status" as dimension. The chart used here is "Stacked Bar Chart" by default. However it can be changed in the chart settings as follows.

Project Task : Stacked Bar Chart

Project Task : Chart Types

View Settings for the chart:

In this settings, measures and dimension can be changed and based on the settings chart will be modified.

View Settings for Chart


It displays the values based on the filters applied in the Filter bar.

Project Task : Table

The first column in the table is Task which is associated with link and on click of link would lead to Project Management App. More information about the task can be found on project management app.

View Settings for the Table:

By using this option, columns seen in the table can be controlled.

Project Task :View Settings

Export to Excel:

Project Tasks can be exported to excel sheet to analyze further. This icon will be loaded as soon as table loads with values.

                                                Project Task :Export to Excel

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