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In this blog I will explain what it means if a version of the Software Provisioning Manager (SWPM) reaches the end of maintenance.

For SWPM the following terms are equal:

"End-of-Maintenance" = "Out-of-Maintenance" = "Out-of-Support"

An SAP product might still be supported, but the SWPM version which was released with this SAP product, can be Out-of-Maintenance. As SWPM is downward compatible, the latest version of SWPM can and should be used for each supported SAP product.

SAP always recommends using the latest SWPM version.

If this stage is reached, what does it mean for a version of Software Provisioning Manager?

First, this version will no longer be adjusted to external requirements, for example technical updates. Also, there will be no support for problems that come up with such a release. Instead it is recommended to use the latest version of Software Provisioning Manager.

Which versions of SWPM have reached End-of-Maintenance can be found in this SAP Note:

SAP Note 3261541

For general guidance on "End-of-Maintenance" or "Out-of-Maintenance" or "Out-of-Support" of SAP Products, see this SAP Note:

SAP Note 52505

Keep in mind, that there is no "customer-specific maintenance" for SWPM.

Why should you use a version of Software Provisioning Manager which is "Out-of-Maintenance"?

There can be reasons to use an older version of SWPM, for example, if you want to install an older version of an SAP product (for example, SAP NetWeaver 7.10, S/4HANA 1610 (JAVA and ABAP) and BW/4HANA 1.0 (JAVA and ABAP)) or an older version of a database (for example MaxDB 7.7) or if you want to install an SAP product on an older operating system version (for example  AIX 7.1).

Or maybe you simply want to run a test using an older version of SWPM.

How and where do I get a specific version of Software Provisioning Manager which is "Out-of-Maintenance"?

In this download area you can find older versions of SWPM: Medium 51054279

If you need older versions of a specific SAP Software which is Out of Support, please follow the instructions in SAP Note 2895269

What do I need to consider when I use a version of Software Provisioning Manager which is "Out-of-Maintenance"?

As mentioned above, you can use these older versions only at your own risk. In addition, please note the following:

  • SAP will not provide support for these versions

  • SAP will not provide updates for these versions

  • SAP will not provide corrections for these versions

I hope this helps to clarify how to use older versions of SWPM and where to find them.

Best Regards

Stefan Jakobi

Product Management