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New option for Standalone Download Service

With Software Provisioning Manager 1.0 SP23 and Software Provisioning Manager 2.0 it is now possible to download all software packages that have been defined in a Maintenance Planner Transaction with the Maintenance Planner Transaction ID.

With the new Download Service you can download the artifacts on the given Maintenance Plan, so that later you can run the installation using the related stack configuration file and provide the download folder with all artifacts when needed.


You have the option to start the installation using the related stack configuration file directly or without the stack configuration file and specify the Maintenance Planner Transaction ID when asked in the dialog.


Plan your new SAP system including the required Support Package level in the Maintenance Planner

  • You need to have an S-User with download permissions for all artifacts on the SAP Software Download Center

  • Plan your new SAP system including the required Support Package level in the Maintenance Planner

  • Run sapinst SAPINST_STACK_XML=<stack configuration file> (default) or

  • Run sapinst without the property SAPINST_STACK_XML, then you have to provide the parameter Maintenance Planner Transaction ID in the dialog (see Figure 1)

Note: You should perform the download of the artifacts with SWPM directly after creating the Maintenance Planner Transaction as the download links usually expire soon


  1. Specify a download directory for the artifacts (SAP archives) to be downloaded

  2. Start the Software Provisioning Manager 

  3. Go to -> Generic Options -> Download Media for Maintenance Planner Transaction

  4. Follow the instructions on the installer screens

    The installer prompts you for the parameter Maintenance Planner Transaction ID


    You can find the Maintenance Planner Transaction ID by one of the following ways:

    • In the MP_Plan_<Transaction ID>_<Generation Date>_.pdf which can be downloaded during the Completed step in the Maintenance Planner

    • From the Transaction ID column in the Transactions panel in the maintenance planner

    • From the parameter mopz-transaction-id in the stack configuration file MP_Stack_<Transaction ID>_<Generation Date>.xml which you can download during the Download Files step in the Maintenance Planner

    Note: If you run SAPinst with the property SAPINST_STACK_XML=<stack configuration file>, you do not need to provide the parameter Maintenance Planner Transaction ID, as the installer will retrieve this information from the stack configuration file.

  5. You get a list of all downloadable artifacts (SAP archives) as specified in the stack configuration file along with their file size

  6. You can deselect the files that you do not want to download (e.g. you may already have them)

  7. Choose Next to start the download



You have downloaded the artifacts (SAP archives) required for your SAP system installation with Software Provisioning Manager - and for applying the required kernel and support packages using Software Update Manager (SUM) after the installation has completed.

RDBMS and export media are not covered by this feature. You have to provide them either as physical media or download them from the SAP Software Center.

More Information

For more information please check the relevant documentation.

Best Regards

Stefan Jakobi

Product Management CLM