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Having consistent and up-to-date software catalog data (also known as CR CONTENT) in System Landscape Directory (SLD) and SAP Solution Manager Landscape Management Database (LMDB) is a prerequisite for correct description of the IT landscape.

Figure 1: The picture shows, where software catalog data – which is also called CR Content –is required: It is defined in the PPMS describing software delivered by SAP. You need it during search of innovation, planning their implementation, and to have a correct landscape description as a basis for implementation planning for SAP Support Package Stacks, SAP enhancement packages, and upgrades.
Note that the LMDB also requires CR Content, which is always updated via a dedicated SLD sending CR Content.
For a full explanation of the process shown in this picture, see "Further Information" > "Landscape Management" at the bottom of this page.

The focus of this blog is on handling CR Content in SLD and LMDB since in the SAP Support Portal the latest version is provided automatically.

Relevant Notes Regarding CR Content in the SLD and LMDB

In the following I list SAP Notes that are dealing with this matter.

Required CR Content

Content Update

Searching for Errors in the CR Content

Repairing Errors in the CR Content

Miscellaneous Information Related to CR Content

  • 1751175 - SAP CR content anomalies in SLD or LMDB – use this SAP Note, if in the LMDB of SAP Solution Manager, definitions of SAP products from the SAP software catalog (delivered as SAP CR Content) or associations to the SAP CR Content are missing.
  • 1962139 - Importing a specific version of SAP CR content in SLD – use this SAP Note if you require a version of the SAP CR CONTENT software component that is no longer available from SAP Service Marketplace in the SLD.
  • 1816146 - Correction of installed software information (CISI) you are executing the landscape verification in the editor for product systems in the Landscape Management Database (LMDB) of SAP Solution Manager. You get an error message like the following:
    "System <SID>: Cannot recognize installed product instance <Product Version> - <Instance>" (NA E2EDP_LMDB_CHECKS204)
    If you try to execute a maintenance transaction in SAP Solution Manager, Maintenance Optimizer cannot generate a valid configuration file (stack.xml) and reports errors like the following:
    Technical System <SID>: Installed Product Instance <Product Version> <Instance> was not recognized (NA MOPZ_CHECKS309)

Further Information

Further information is available in the SCN: