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Attending a Box Webinar a few days back (with CIO’s from Box, RingCentral and Okta sharing their insights on architecting the future) ; I raised a query on the use of social channels to improve office productivity. Trevor Schulze , the CIO at Ring Central provided a highly insightful response that validated an area we had begun envisaging – the idea of using social channels to determine stakeholder sentiment proactively. In his words – “ .... there is an untapped opportunity to determine internal employee and / or partner sentiment ”

You can view the entire webinar here . Fast-track to the 52nd minute for the specific details.

Sentiment / experience analytics is key

There are a several approaches to sentiment analytics – One increasingly popular or considered approach is to support internal processes using chatbots and leverage sentiment / text analytics with maturing services such as SAP HANA Text Analytics, Chatbase Analytic Service from Google , Amazon Comprehend ...

However, unless carefully orchestrated; these efforts could run up against data privacy / consumer protection regulations and/or public perception.

The other approach is to obtain direct experience feedback using targeted survey bots that employees or partners opt-in for. Casting the net wide enough and frequent enough with quick easy-to-respond survey could provide statistically significant sentimental / experience insights.

As always, a hybrid approach is sometimes the best strategy.

Bringing SAP Digital Interconnect into the equation

SAP Digital Interconnect provides cloud-based engagement services that use configurable APIs, programmable digital interfaces, and proven messaging channels to connect the “last mile” between enterprises and customers, employees, and things.

Over 2017 and early 2018 ; we have expanded our communication services portfolio to include Social channels , enabling engagement with consumers on Facebook Messenger,WeChat,Viber, Telegram and Line along with in-app mobile Push and SMS using the same messaging API interface.

To demonstrate the power of gaining insight and promote 2 way engagement using this multi-channel service ; we developed an "alpha" survey service and an orchestration engine to switch survey delivery and receipt from one channel to another based on user preference. Responses to surveys are captured ( using a Pub-Sub messaging pattern) and available for analysis in real time. As a future enhancement , these responses shall be embellished with text / sentiment analysis

The user / administrator experience is simple as below:

Here are some showcase video screen grabs to highlight the experience. While FB Messenger is a popular use case; we used a Telegram BOT to emphasize on the diversity of channels supported.

User registration / Authentication 

All user registered channels may be viewed on an administrator pane as below with potential to add security  to limit who can view what. All users are authenticated using SAP Authentication 365 service.

Administrator workflow set up

This allows the administrator to set engagement channel preference and failover rules , if any.

User Transaction and Survey Interaction

User receives a survey on his preferred channel and can respond as simple text Q&A or in rich text format, if needed. In this use case, a mock banking funds transfer initiated a survey that was delivered to the consumers Telegram app.

Gain Sentiment Insight

Here , survey results are captured as simple insights in both graphical (3) and table (2) form. Text based surveys (1) capture subjective views and where sentiment analytics can be applied.

The administrator can also gain social channel activity insight using the SAP Digital Interconnect (Intelligent Notification 365 services) dashboard ( as below)

You can view a complete recording of the SAP Digital Interconnect solution below

To understand  and access the SAP DI unified communications API for Social, Push and SMS , reach out to us.

Reach out to us

The team at SAP Digital Interconnect is here to help you power your interconnect communication use case . Contact us here ->