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Over the last couple of years we have seen dramatic changes in the SAP Middleware platform. Going from dual stack, to single stack to cloud. These changes can cause any SAP-er to sit down and scratch their heads. Do I use a Receiver Determination or Integration Configuration or do I iFlow? How do I convert or do I create? Where, why, and how do I use an iFlow? And by the way you cannot really take off 15 days for class in Maui.

Join me in a fast pace 3 day workshop called WNAAEX. This class will teach you how to create an application to application scenario from the ground up using the old PI/AEX swing client and learn how configure, navigate and create the integration objects using NWDS.

This is a 3 day class that will help you bridge the gap from Process Integration to Process Orchestration and HANA Cloud Integration. No deep JAVA coding needed but you do have to have and understand of our beloved PI/PO. These fundamentals will prepare you for the changes coming in the future.

The class will run virtually from Dec. 28th to 30th, For more information please visit :

or just drop me an email at