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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hard to believe we are already at out last quarter of 2023, it has been a busy year! Let's take a sneak peek in to our Top 5 features in QRC4 2023. A full list of what is coming can be found on our Roadmap Explorer or the Product Plan.

Widget Customization Add-On

The use of widgets in Stories have been a popular topic in 2023 and in QRC4 2023 we bring you two more exciting features.

The first one allows Story designers to create custom add-ons for built-in widgets. The custom add-ons can then be uploaded to SAP Analytics Cloud and added to widgets in optimized stories.

The difference between a custom widget and a widget add-on is that custom widgets are built from scratch, whereas with a widget add-on, a customization is built on top of an existing chart. Widget add-ons will be helpful in cases where only a certain part of a widget needs to be customized such as tooltips and plot areas.

Supported Add-On Types and Chart Types

  • Tooltip: supported chart types exclude numeric point.

  • Plot area (general): supported chart types are bar/column, stacked bar/column, stacked area and line

  • Plot area (numeric point): supported chart type is numeric point.

Composite widgets as reusable widgets in Optimized Story Experience (phase one)

In our second item on widgets, users can now create a composite widget, which is a re-useable building block that can be consumed like any other standard widget in stories. Composites are stored in the file repository as an artifact – allowing for filtering and ability to transport it to another tenant. The use of composites will help speed up development time.

A composite has its own authorization, therefore giving flexibility to assign the proper permission to each user.

Support for SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) and SAP S/4HANA in Microsoft Excel

SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) is an important application for many of our customers. IN this quarter we provide a unified experience for users of Microsoft Excel with the SAP BW and SAP S/4HANA Cloud application.

This allows users the:

  • Ability to connect to a live source (using Tunnel connection) of SAP BW and create Excel reports

  • Ability to connect to a live source (using Tunnel connection) of SAP S/4HANA and create Excel reports

Support for larger parent-child hierarchies

A popular update for our customers is the support of larger parent-child hierarchies. In Q4 2023, when importing members with parent-child hierarchies via wrangling, the limit of 150,000 dimensions has been removed. Now, the general limit of 1 million members applies. This new limit removes the need for consecutive data uploads, to import up to 1 million members into a dimension with parent-child hierarchy.

Geomaps – Area Enriched Dimensions (includes Enrichment of Dimensions in Modeler)

Geomaps are a great way to visualize your data and in this quarter the optimized design experience now supports the consumption of Area Enriched Dimensions. This is supported for stories created in the optimized story experience and existing classic stories that are converted to the optimized experience.

In terms of model enrichments, with the New Model type we now provide an option to add various Geographical Properties to dimensions (Organization or Generic) which include:

  • Country / Region

  • Region

  • Sub-Region

We limit the creation of each property once per dimension (i.e. Region cannot exist twice for a single dimension). This improvement is specific to the choropleth layer.

Plenty more deliverables coming your way this quarter and we will be taking a deeper dive into these items in our What’s New video and blog series so stay tuned. For a full list of all features coming in QRC4 2023 for SAP Analytics Cloud check out the Roadmap Explorer and Q4 2023 Product Plan.

Want to experience new and existing features for yourself? Take the leap and start your journey towards making data-driven decisions with confidence by signing up for a free trial, today.