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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Happy New Year All, as 2023 begins I am excited to bring you a sneak peek in to some of the great new features coming your way in QRC1 2023. In this blog we give you a Sneak Peek in to our Top 5. A full list of what is coming can be found on our Roadmap Explorer or the Product Plan.

Data Analyzer

Data analyzer is a popular tool within SAP Analytics Cloud and in Q1 2023 we bring you a new user experience with many functional updates including:

Enhanced Table capabilities

  • Lazy Loading and removal of default row limit

  • Drag & drop within table

  • Adaptive table layout

  • ID and Description presented in 2 columns

  • Un-compounded key display

  • Arrange Totals / Hierarchy nodes independently

  • Enhanced Compact Display support

  • Enhanced Hierarchy Drill support

Enhanced Filter capabilities

  • Removal of widget filter (1 filter level)

  • Dimension Member Dialog improvements

Enhanced Context menu capabilities

  • New: “Filter by Member” (opens the member selector)

  • New: “Filter Member(s)” (cartesian filter)

  • New: “Freeze Header” (Column / Row / Both)

  • Filter on member of 2-structures-queries

Enhanced Builder Panel capabilities

  • Advanced support of Display Attributes

And many more…

SAP BW Live Connectivity

Live connectivity to SAP BW is very important to our Customers and in this quarter we bring you the ability to calculate the difference between two time periods.

This useful feature Supports the "difference from" calculation in the calculation editor for models based on a live connection to SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) from SAP Analytics Cloud and closes the feature gap between models based on SAP HANA and remote SAP BW models

Predictive Planning

Using machine learning to generate forecast has become an important part of our planning cycles and one thing customers always ask me is how can I look back and review how accurate those forecasts were compared to what actually happened. In QRC 1 2023 with the use of Multi Actions we can now save forecast values for past periods.

As a user of the predictive step in multi actions, I can generate the forecasts for past periods so that I can implement my own performance metric in stories.

This will further improve automation for predictive planning. Using the forecasted values for past periods to ease the generation of ad hoc accuracy measures to evaluate the performance of previous predicted forecasts.

Enterprise Planning

As always we have many new features in Enterprise planning across Data Actions, Multi Actions, Predictive Capabilities, Commenting, Plan entry and Plan process management. In this blog we will focus on two very useful new additions.

Data Action– Tracing Capability

With the addition of numerous Data Actions and Advanced Formulas functionality over the past few years we have added a new tracing or  "Debugging" feature to simplify development and testing process. These features include the ability to:

  • Define trace points and see visual cues indicating number and location of trace points

  • Execute tracing in-line with script construction including parameter passing

  • Watch Area and ability to display table to see results for trace points

  • View run history for script tracing

  • Consume trace version within stories

Plan Process Management: Calendar – Administration Role

In this quarter we introduce a calendar administration role, which can be enabled or granted to any administration roles within SAP Analytics Cloud. This gives the Administrator the ability to see and manage all calendar tasks and processes regardless of ownership and involvement.

Calendar Administrators now have:

  • Ability to toggle on display for all calendar events regardless (even those for which the user has no involvement)

  • Visual cues to explicitly indicate that the user is in administration mode

  • Ability to modify any calendar events while in administration mode

  • Enabled via a role base privilege which can be granted to specific roles (auto-enable for Planning Administrators)

We will be taking a deeper dive in to these items in our What’s New video and blog series so stay tuned. For a full list of all features coming in QRC1 2023 for SAP Analytics Cloud check out the Roadmap Explorer and Q1 2023 Product Plan.

Want to experience new and existing features for yourself? Take the leap and start your journey towards making data-driven decisions with confidence by signing up for a free trial, today.