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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Imagine having to monitor and analyze half a billion events a day to ensure your network was best optimized. And what if you had to use an average of 7 tools to monitor everything? Worse you don’t have access to all the monitoring tools, so you had to ask your college to run a report for you. And when you got the information it was already outdated. And then you have to deal with frustrated end-users because of system outages…

This is the pain the IT teams running datacenters feel on a daily basis. They need a holistic, realtime view of their datacenter. And ideally they’d like to have a warning about outages before they occur.


Here at SAP we had the same pain. We evaluated other tools for realtime log analytics and they didn’t meet our needs. So we decided to drink our own champagne and build a solution that met our needs. Word got out and as we started speaking to customers we realized they have the same challenges.

So, we’re excited to announce SAP IT Operations Analytics (SAP ITOA). A new analytics solution for realtime log analysis that will enter ramp up soon. Of course plans can change, but our intention is that SAP ITOA will let you:


  • Detect business-critical event-based trends in time to prevent incidents – Integrate data from multiple data sources in one aggregated platform to view both server data and application data in one dashboard

  • Resolve and respond to IT incidents in real time – Analyze gathered data as it happens instead of relying on historical log data

  • Reduce the effort needed to analyze multiple data sets – View data sets and correlate data making up diverse data patterns to analyze simultaneous trends between, for example, power consumption and application performance

  • Predict failures before they occur – Gain insight based on predictive models and from statistical patterns in historical data to draw up the next maintenance schedule for a particular network machine


We’re currently looking for customers to join ramp up and help us innovate in this exciting space. If you’re interested please speak to your account manager, watch the video, or visit the Big Data Analytics booth at Sapphire!