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We’ve scoured our community pages to create this collection of some of the questions you’ve been asking lately, along with their answers. Take a look for yourself! We hope this helps you in navigating smart data streaming.

Using smart data streaming with Raspberry Pi
Since Internet of Things seems to be on everyone’s minds these days, it’s not surprising that you’ve been asking a lot about using smart data streaming with Raspberry Pi.

Is Raspberry Pi 3 compatible with Streaming Lite?
Some issues have been reported with newer versions of Raspbian and Raspberry Pi3. There are plans to support Raspberry Pi3 and newer versions of Raspbian in the future. And as far as choosing between Raspberry Pi A models and B models, the B models are generally more powerful in terms of memory than the A models. See the original post for complete details.

Can I get data from Raspberry Pi3 into smart data streaming?
Yes, by using Streaming Lite. To get the full details and find out how, see the original post.

I have some questions about the Java adapter I use to write data to Streaming Lite
You’ve walked through the tutorial, you have a Streaming Lite project on your Raspberry Pi device, and a Java adapter that writes events to Streaming Lite. Now what?

Smart Data Streaming on the HANA Cloud Platform (HCP)

How do I configure the Streaming Web Service (SWS) and Web Services Provider (ESP) on the HANA Cloud Platform?
Q. What port numbers should you specify for SWS and WSP?
A. You can’t change the ports and don’t need to know the numbers aside from 443.

Q. How do you edit the smart data streaming configuration files in HCP?
A. There is no option to customize their configuration.
Look here for info on smart data streaming connectivity for the HANA Cloud Platform.

Why did my HCP smart data streaming connection time out?
Are you getting a connection error when using the smart data streaming studio plugin to connect to smart data streaming on the HANA Cloud Platform? Set your network connections to “manual” and your HTTP and HTTPS proxies to 8080.

General Questions

How do I add parameters to a custom module that I’ve built?
Use the utility.getParameters() to get the parameters and make sure to define their schema in the custommodulesdefine.xml file.
Look here for info on building a custom transporter module.

I’m seeing a wrong value in the time field column in my HANA database
You are inserting data from an input file into a smart data streaming project, but the output keeps adding a few hours to the time – if the file said 3:30, the output might be saying 10:00. This is due to time zone conversions. If your input file does not explicitly specify the time zone, the server assumes the time values are local and converts them to UTC.
See the original post for complete details or take a look at the documentation on time zones.

Can I install smart data streaming on two separate HANA instances on the same host?
You have two separate instances of SAP HANA installed on your server. Can you install two separate instances of SDS on the HANA instances without any conflicts? Yep!

Can I send data from one output stream in a project to an input stream in another project? Yes, you can use bindings to do this. See the original post for complete details.

Why is only 1 of my 3 projects starting?
Are they configured to the same ports? If so, they’ll need distinct ports. On an external network, you’ll need to ensure you have open ports for each project. See the original post for complete details.

Why is the streaming server using port 30016?
You changed the smart data streaming port from 30016 to 30026 so why is the HANA Admin landscape tab still showing the streaming server on port 30016? Port 3XX16 is used for internal communications between the streamingserver and other HANA processes. Port 3XX26 is the port used for external connections to the streaming server including connections from HANA Studio. See the original post here.

If I have an ESP license and I want to use smart data streaming, do I need to purchase a separate license?
You need a separate license to use smart data streaming. However, you can swap your ESP license for a smart data streaming one and simply pay the difference in price between the licenses. This is not specific to ESP and smart data streaming.

Do you have any questions for us? Go here and add SAP HANA smart data streaming as the primary tag to get it posted to our developer page where one of our product experts can help you.

Go here for a complete list of user questions about smart data streaming. Thanks for reading!