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The release of SAP HANA smart data streaming 2.0 arrived with two significant MDC features: copying and moving a tenant database and support for high isolation.

Copy or move tenant databases

Prior to this release, you could not copy or move a tenant database that had a smart data streaming service provisioned to it. Now, you can copy or move those tenant databases wherever you want.

The steps for doing this in HANA are outlined here and here. There is only one streaming-specific requirement: you need to have specified names for your streaming nodes before you initialized the connection between the tenant DB and streaming server. If you did not,

  • Uninitialize the streaming service (perform only step 1-2 here)

  • Name the nodes on all the streaming hosts currently being used by the source tenant DB and that will be used by the target tenant DB (steps here)

  • Reinitialize the connection (steps here)

Go here for complete details on moving a tenant DB with a streaming service provisioned to it.

High Isolation between Tenant Databases

Previous to 2.0, you could not install smart data streaming on a HANA MDC system that used high-isolation between the tenant databases. If you install streaming in a system using high-isolation, perform these steps:

  1. After installing smart data streaming and HANA, run the following statement:

ALTER SYSTEM ALTER CONFIGURATION ('global.ini', 'SYSTEM') SET ('communication','ssl') = 'systemPKI';

  1. Then, restart HANA before creating or configuring the tenant DBs and provisioning the streaming service to them.

Complete these steps regardless of whether you are doing a fresh install of both, or simply installing smart data streaming in an existing SAP HANA environment with existing tenant databases. For more info on using smart data streaming within MDC systems, go here.

What else is new?

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For full details of all the new features and improvements we’ve added, take a look at What’s New in SAP HANA Smart Data Streaming, on the SAP Help Portal.