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Content Repository is a content transport tool which can be used to deliver the demo content and LOB customer content in a B2B scenario. It enables transport of KPI Content (metadata) and KPI tiles (Cloud Portal) content. Only users with the Services.SmartBusinessAdministrator role can access this content repository tool in the subscriber account.

Overall Scenario:
•  Teams in SAP (in a B2B scenario) create the KPI content and KPI tiles which must be delivered         to their respective customers.
•  The content is exported into zip files using the SBS 'Transport content' modeler application.
•  Exported content is sent to the Smart Business team in an e-mail to                                          

•  The Smart Business team moderate these files to be uploaded into the tool and then upload               them.

•  In Smart Business subscriber's account, a user with the Services.SmartBusinessAdministrator          role see these new files in the content repository tool, selects them and clicks on the Import                Content button to import the KPI content or tile content into their subscription.

•  These KPIs are now available in the workspace of the Smart Business subscriber's account.



Steps to Download the KPI content:
a. Consumer should go the subscriber account service page

b. Go to Smart Business service catalog page from here.

c. Click on configure smartbusiness service. It will launch URL :
https://ssbdesigntime-<<; sccountName>>.<< landscapeHost                                                                 >>/sap/smartbusiness/ui/hcp/adminUI/index.html

d. Click on SB configuration tile there.
e. Select Content Repository tab.

f. Choose the content with Target as SSB, click on Download. A popup appears with the details.
Do the Business System mapping and click on Download. The content is downloaded.


To import Tiles
1. Choose KPI tile content and download.

2. Goto FLP admin page.
https://flpsandbox-<<; sccountName>>.<< landscapeHost >>/sites?siteId=                                           <<yourSiteId>>&mode=admin#Welcome-Display

3. Goto Services and tools and select Transport Manager tile.

4. Select import then browser for the kpi tile file downloaded in step f and import.



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Note: In case you face any issue with Smart Business Service, you can create an Incident on SAP Support Portal with the components: CA-GTF-SB-HCP. You may also contact Smart Business team at