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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
We had an amazing SAP Inside Track Walldorf 2019 on January 26th at SAP Rot Office. It is always good to know what participants have to say about the event, so we asked them to share their feedback using Google Forms by asking few questions.

These details are based on 13 responses we received from participants.

Comment about Agenda / What can we improve / What was cool / What do you want to see again?

  • It was a nice event, but I was to much of a newbie to really understand anything so participated mostly in the volunteering kids section. But what I saw was interesting and a worthy experience, thanks for the free coffee and hot chocolate, snacks were great as well. Only one complaint, perhaps choose a different food truck provider for lunch next time, the burgers were kinda weird. that change would make the experience pretty much unparallelled and perfect, as good as it already is!

  • Everything was perfect. Thank you for the great time at sitWDF. It was an amazing way to start 2019. I would love to see the sticker table again 😉

Feedback on sitKids event

comment about information for you as parent or volunteer and how we can improve 

 I didn't receive much information upon arrival, but i guess i cant really complain since I didnt come on time for the volunteer briefing... 

how was the organization onsite for the kids and how we can improve / What can we improve

Newer laptops, if not newer ones at least the hard drives have to be replaced with cheap 2.5" kingston SSDs, as even they would be a significant upgrade in comparison. The current boot time and loading time for programs was just atrociously slow, and coupled with the mindstorms software problems the hardware just made it even slower, so there's defintitely space for some quick and easy upgrades there. (Btw I like what was given, not to complain, but since the question is how to improve, I've gotta say something...) 

What tools did you find the most interesting (Lego, LittleBitsmakeymakey etc)

I'm familiar with the mindstorms so that's what I paid the most amount of attention to... 

How did you like the rooms/location for the kids and how we can improve? 

The rooms were nothing really to complain about. I mean, it's always better to have more space, but how greedy can one get... 😄 I wish my school building was as sleek and modern as the SAP visitor center building. But yeah, if you'd want to improve, then up the scale on everything, more space, huge conference tables with as much space as half a Gym... All that would be really cool and impressive, and people would find new ways to make use of that space with the robots, but it wouldn't really be needed that much and would require a lot of work at the end of the day in cleaning up and setting up, so at this point I'm not sure it would be worth it. Still an interesting thought. 

How did you like the kids presentation at end of day and how we can improve? 

  • a brief translation in English of what they did was lacking

  • Hmmm. Music is great and all and I guess for 8 year olds it wasn't too bad, but these kids could really use some more expertise guidance and help, and some fancier starting points, there wasn't enough supply for the demand of help. But still nothing bad here, I'm pretty sure it was still a good experience for the kids, nobody failed to enjoy. 😄

Overall Comments, recommendations, ideas regarding SitKids 

Perhaps have some slightly more advanced courses next time run by adults where they show us how to work on projects powered by the same mindstorms, and others like raspberry pi, and coding the robot's actions using python or some other real life lower level programming langauge. 

Where could we make more promotion to find more kids, volunteers and sponsors (e.g. community, newspaper, bulletin board etc) 

  • Twitter? was gonna say snapchat but that probably wouldn't attract all the right people... thanks for hosting this and providing your facilities, electricity, water, light, heat, for practically free! I hope to come again next year!

  • University email blasts

What could we improve/change regarding logistics/catering/rooms and communication? 

  • Food trucks are fun, but maybe a bit cold for January.

  • Food truck waiting might be a bit cold this time of the year ?

  • Vegetarian option in foodtruck

  • The Food Truck is a nice offer but seems to be at the edge of its capacity with so many people in a short time. Also, standing in line in the cold weather outside isn't fun.

  • This one display next to the theater had a very low resolution, I could see the pixels from meters away. But obviously I'm being very nitpicky here, this isn't a real problem. This shows that the event ddin't really have any real problems, as it was pretty good!

  • This year the event was announced a bit too late and I guess that was a reason why it was less visited than last year.

  • It would be extremely helpful if there was a shuttle service from Rot-Malsch to ROT03 back & forth on both the days of the event

  • It was very good and change is not neccessary

  • Foodtruck is a bit disgusting IMO so i would prefer to choose my own food etc.

What are some actionable insights that you learned from the sessions/content?

  • Some minor details here and there

  • The new SAP programming model interested me very much!

  • How much there is yet to learn in this world and how much is possible that I want to learn but unfortunately don't know yet...

  • Learnt a lot of technical content that motivates to try and experiment with the same on my end, now that I am back

  • The sight in the future and other sap areas

  • Communicate, collaborate, cocreate

What was great about the event?

  • Community

  • Networking

  • Get in touch with other developer and jump out of the buble!

  • The time when this one presenter took one of the robots from outside and played with it inside to entertain all the viewers, "Ah the terminator is really insisting on the door again" I quote his words. That was hilarious, nice and relaxed atmosphere

  • The venue is great and the orga team is always doing their best to accomodate everyone! sitkids should also be offered always in the future

  • The best part about the event is sitWDF is an inclusive community and brings together so many different SAP enthusiasts from different backgrounds under a single roof for a couple of days where is there is immense knowledge sharing that is happening. The community spirit is truly infectious and I am glad to be a part of such a vibrant and happening community.

  • I get a lot of information

  • Togetherness

What could be improved about the event?

  • The standing in line for lunch with the cold weather

  • Start slightly earlier

  • Have robot vacuum cleaners run around the floors to add to the robotic aura near the kids section floor... would be funny if it actually happened

  • It would be really helpful to have a shuttle bus service that could be arranged for folks who want to come from and leave to Rot-Malsch train station.

  • I know nothing

  • Track-system on topic and time

What was the best session or activity? Why?

  • The relax, because it's not the standard tech sessions. The Kids, because it's quite amazing that there are so many people supporting it and that there is something for kids.

  • I'm gonna say the VR session thing even though I didn't have enough time to try it. That guy was standing there offering demos for a pretty long time, so I think he deserves a mention. I also missed seeing a wonderful alienware powerful machine... in stark contrast to the thinkpads over in the kids room, that's something I'll hope to check out next time, if it's there!

  • The best session (in the ones that I attended) was Svea Becker's fitness session because it was a refreshing and much-needed physical activity for many, including me. Being fit is so neglected these days and hence, having such an activity is an energy-booster between technical sessions.

  • Practice + Relax with Svea

  • My own - I got to inform others on an important topic

What session(s) or theme(s) would you want for future Community Events?

  • More technical hands-on. Not everyone makes it to TechEd 😉

  • It would be nice to have more tracks and more sessions per track perhaps

  • I have no preference about it

  • Design - Business - Tech (The three circles with Innovation in the middle)

Would you like to attend additional/future Community events?

  • Yes, and weekends are my preference.

  • If we talk about Community events in general, yes. But a Stammtisch Walldorf for example would be a bit too far away for me. 😉

  • Yes. Weekend / Saturday, with an optional Code Jam before is great for me.

  • Yes, sure!

  • sure!

  • SAP Code Jams are always great so please keep offering it one day before.

  • Most definitely, yes. Weekends is preferable.

  • Yes, I will attend future Community events, at weekends also

  • Yes, most likely a bit closer to DK for now

Where could we make more promotion regarding these events? (e.g. community, newspaper, bulletin board etc)

  • Imo not necessary.

  • Advertise them in grocery stores, a lot of people walk by

  • Twitter is the best place for this.

  • An e-mail subscription list

  • I don´t no

  • Topic styles themes on relevant SAP sites (, etc.)

Any closing comments?

  • Perhaps don't disable the progress bar in the questionnare next time (-:

  • I would like to thank all the sitWDF organizers for the effort and hard work that each one of you has put in to make this event a memorable one. My sincere thanks to all who selected me as a speaker for the event as well. This was my first SIT as a speaker and I totally loved the experience. Also, I cannot wait for spring to plant my chili mini-garden. 🙂 Looking forward to participate and contribute to other SAP Inside Tracks in the future.

  • Thanks for the work and the your assignment


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- On behalf of sitKids & sitWDF Orga team