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SAP Document and Reporting Compliance helps address the global statutory reporting as well as electronic document exchange needs for global customers looking to transform their compliance reporting process. Document and Reporting Compliance - Statutory Reporting (Formerly ACR) is an evolving framework and so are the legal reports developed on it. Be it regulatory changes introduced by authorities, new features and enhancements, or design and performance related changes and optimizations; notes are released frequently for the framework applications (Run Compliance Reports and Define Compliance Reports) as well as the numerous country specific reports.

In this blog post, we provide you a list of resources and best practices that can help customers stay on top of these changes and adopt them in an efficient and non-disruptive manner:

  • Identifying the list of relevant framework notes: Based on the customer’s S/4HANA release version, it is possible to fetch a list of framework notes that the customer needs to apply. Through the exhaustive search capability of the SAP Note framework, the list can be filtered to segregate UI and backend notes as well as notes specific to the Run time and  Design time functionality etc. Complete details and examples are available in the SAP Note 2620211.


  • Identifying the list of relevant notes for a report: On similar lines, the search tool can also be used to identify the notes relevant to a specific report. The report's name can be specified in the search term along with the report's application component and the customer's S/4HANA release version.

Sample search for a Philippines report


  • Knowing when a new note is released: It is possible to set up a notification alert for when a note of interest is released. Users can set up a customized search for notes and KBAs and get a notification when any new note which would qualify their search criteria gets released. For example, the subscription can be set for every time a new note is released for the FI-LOC-SRF-RUN or FI-LOC-SRF-DEF components. This way, customers can easily track and implement the new notes released for framework or any report. The details of the same are available in the SAP Note 2771695.


  • Simplified implementation of notes via TCIs: SAP Note transport-based correction instructions (TCI) is a new mechanism to deliver ABAP correction instructions to customers in a flexible manner. TCIs can simplify the implementation for a bunch of notes by replacing their multiple step by step implementations with a single implementation of the TCI. A set of S/4HANA release specific TCIs have been created for the Run Compliance Reports application whose details are available in the SAP Note 3033455.


Additionally, customers can also subscribe to the Legal change notification service to stay up to date on the legal changes that can impact your business. The video provides additional details on the same. The set of tools and resources have been created to help customers identify and implement code corrections seamlessly. By ensuring that their code lines are regularly updated with the latest set of notes released by SAP, customers can proactively maintain the systems and avoid delays due to resolution of incidents for the same.

While the examples in this blog post focus on the SAP Document and Reporting Compliance - Statutory Reporting solution, the note search, notification capabilities and the legal change notification tool is solution agnostic and the knowledge is helpful for other SAP solutions as well.
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