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In this blog post, I would like to give you an overview of the Simple IT Request's new features included in Focused Build SP03, as well as Focused Build SP04.

Besides continual performance improvements and overall stabilization, we focused on developing the following four core features:

  • Conditional Status Changes

  • Multi-Lingual Services

  • Favorites

  • Feedback to Processor

Before going into detail, I would like to point you to my colleague's blog post about Simple IT Request in general. If you're looking for a general overview, Stefan's post is the right place to start: Simple IT Request – Focused Build Standalone Extensions Part 3. For an overview of the new features of Focused Build SP02, please see my previous blog post: Simple IT Request: New features with Focused Build SP02.

Conditional Status Changes

The communication tab in the MyRequest App is a handy feature to communicate with one of your transaction's processor's (e.g. Message processor in ITSM). Till Focused Build SP02 you only had the option to either always, or never update the status when posting a new message, independent of the transaction's current status. Now with enhanced conditional status changes, you're able to fully customize the status update based on each transaction's current status.

You can customize the conditional status changes in the 'Customizing of Communication in My Requests App' in the Simple IT Request SPRO path:

Multi-Lingual Services

One of the most requested features by our international customers was the support of multi-lingual services. Whereas you were bound to maintain separate service templates for each language till Focused Build SP02, you're now able to use one single template. This reduces time effort, as well as the possibility of manual errors. We included a new area in the Simple IT Request Setup assignment block to maintain translations for the short description:

The translations of every other supported field are selected using the standard functionality. E.g. long texts can be translated using the dropdown box in the text assignment block. If translations are missing, a fallback scenario is implemented. The fallback language for each template is the language in which the template originally was created.


For making services even more easier to access, we introduced the Favorites functionality with Focused Build SP04. The Catalog App now offers an additional Favorite button to mark Services as Favorite.

Once set as a Favorite, a Service gets displayed in the Catalog's start screen and can be accessed right away:

Feedback to Processor

Confirming or rejecting a final status of one of your transactions, is a built-in feature since the introduction of Simple IT Request. The Feedback to Processor feature offers an addition to this functionality. Sometimes when confirming a transaction, you might want to give the processor a final feedback, or when rejecting a transaction a feedback is even more helpful to the specific processor. With Focused Build SP04 you don't need to use the communcation tab to achieve this anymore, but can make use of the newly introduced feedback pop-up. The pop-up is automatically shown, once a transaction is set to a final status (e.g. Proposed Solution of Incidents) and you either try to execute the confirm or reject activity.

No additional customizing is needed to make use of this feature, but you need to have the activity customizing for final statuses in place.


The detailed configuration guide and additional information regarding Focused Build can be found under following link: Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager

If you have any questions or input, please feel free to comment and share!