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In this blog post, I would like to give you an overview of new features of the Simple IT Request included in Focused Build SP02.

Besides continual performance improvements and overall stabilization, we focused on developing the following three core features:

  • Support for standard transaction types - enhancing our multiple input channel concept

  • New transaction type for an approval-based Service Request - fully integrated in Fiori MyInbox

  • Rich text support - enabling end users to create requests in an even more convenient way

Before going into detail, I would like to point you to my colleague's blog post about Simple IT Request in general. If you're looking for a general overview, Stefans post is the right place to start: Simple IT Request – Focused Build Standalone Extensions Part 3. And now let's focus on the new features of the Simple IT Request with Focused Build SP02:

Support for standard transaction types

One of the Simple IT Requests main advantages is providing a single input-channel for the end users to consume any kinds of IT-Services. Due to personal preferences, business requirements or technical limitations it is still possible to use other input-channels than the Service-Catalog. SP02 now brings you the functionality to have all your IT-Requests source-independent centralized in the MyRequest App.

Approval-based Service Request

With SP02, we introduced a new transaction type pair: S4AT & S4RQ. Based on the standard Service Requests and its corresponding template, this pair provides the possibility to approve Service Requests. An additional partner function for the approver was introduced and the transaction workflow was adapted respectively.

Approvals can be done in CRM UI or within the Fiori App MyInbox. By minimizing the Approvers time-effort and centralizing your processes, the MyInbox integration offers another advantage of the Simple IT Request.

Support for Rich Texts

Since Solution Manager 7.2 SP6, you have the possibility to maintain formatted text and even include inline screenshots. This being a massive improvement for any Solution Manager user, we adapted both Simple IT Request Apps to fully support Rich Texts as well.

Despite being a great feature, the Rich Text configuration comes with some additional effort in customizing and coordinating with CRM UI.

Essential prerequisite is to activate Rich Text formatting for each text type used in the Simple IT Request. My suggestion is to activate formatting for every text-type in the specific text determination procedures. This ensures a consistent way of maintaining texts, either in Simple IT Request or in CRM UI.

Please refer to Gordons blog-post for activating Rich Text formatting in CRM UI:SAP Solution Manager 7.2 IT Service Management – Text with Inline Screenshots.

The detailed configuration guide and additional information regarding Focused Build can be found under following link: Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager

If you have any questions or input, please feel free to comment and share!