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On December 3rd, Mark Lazarus, Senior Software Architect and Nikhil Mongha, Senior Product Manager, were part of this IoT webcast episode hosted by Puneet Suppal and talked about SIM management – a solution that SAP Customer Innovation & Strategic Projects is creating in collaboration with partnering businesses.
In this Webcast episode, Mark and Nikhil beautifully showcased how this new application is set out to help optimize the management of SIM based IoT devices and related services.

They both explored how the solution enables SAP enterprise customers to connect their IoT devices through mobile operators that encompass multiple countries worldwide. Verticals in which SIM Management shines brightest include (but are certainly not limited to!):

  • Energy, Natural Resources and Utilities (Monitoring distributed, remote assets)
  • Healthcare (Secure patient care and remote monitoring)
  • As well as Transportation and Automotive (Fleet Management, Connected Vehicle).

Particularly interesting was the technical nuance the two brought to this webcast: from the architecture of the solution over configuration to segmentation and more – all aspects were covered and thoroughly explained.

Further, it was discussed how SIM Management will make global IoT deployments easier than ever before whilst providing customers with a choice of several certified operators.  It stands out from SAP’s IoT solution product portfolio by combining both SIM life-cycle management capabilities and IoT applications.

All in all, this solution not only makes for an incredibly intuitive user experience, but also enables a seamless integration with various global operators via APIs and encompasses many more key benefits you know you want to find out about! To do so, be sure to check out this particular episode and if you can’t get enough of IoT – unlock more knowledgeable insights in the remaining episodes of the co-innovation series Succeeding in an Increasingly IoT World.