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It’s been a bit more than a year since the Google and SAP partnership was announced. So much has happened that it feels like a lot more

We've seen SAP HANA on Google Cloud, SAP Cloud Platform on Google Cloud Platform and many cool integrations… . And there are even more cool features to be announced at Google Next ‘18!

I can't wait to meet a lot of like-minded people there and, above all, help them code.

Will code for swag

As a developer, the marketing messages I appreciate the most come in the form of swag. And if someone says something is great, I can only believe it after I try it. So we, a bunch of developers and engineers, are taking over the SAP booth at Google Cloud Next `18 in San Francisco and are preparing some hands-on sessions.

We will of course have giveaways and, yes, you can have the stickers for your laptop. However, if you want something more interesting and usable, we will have small hands-on challenges that will get you “stuff we all get” upon completion.

Challenges: We will help and give instructions, so you can brag about what you’ve built free of any pressure while exploring new topics.

This is some of what we will help you through:

  • Creating a sweet and quick business application using the S/4HANA SDK

  • Seamlessly deploying a mobile app using the SDK for Android

  • SAP HANA on the Google Kubernetes Engine: Pull, deploy and run!

Show me the code

Then comes demo time. We love showing what we do, how we make it work and what challenges we tackle along the way.  We also appreciate context and would love to explain how these technologies help our customers run their companies more efficiently.

I can only tell you the topics we will be showcasing and some further information to warm up. You will have to see the rest for yourself.


See how easy it is to build and continuously deliver a cloud-native application on SAP Cloud Platform with the SAP S/4HANA Cloud SDK. Integrate an application with enterprise functionality provided by SAP S/4HANA and combine it with machine learning and blockchain services of SAP Cloud Platform to quickly deliver an innovative application.

Further details in this great blog post by henning.heitkoetter .

Android SDK

Learn how to build and roll-out an app to keep sales and procurement at hand. Visit the blog post by britt.womelsdorf to get a sneak peek of what you will be building and more reasons to join us at the booth.

Business Cloud Applications on SAP Cloud Platform

See how to build a quick enterprise-class application using a cloud-native approach in SAP Cloud Platform.

SAP HANA and Google BigQuery integration

Learn how to connect SAP HANA and Google BIgQuery using the Smart Data Adapter. Experience how fast it is to tap into massive amounts of data and use it to train a predictive algorithm.


Join us at the booth at Google Next ’18 or at the full day bootcamp integrating SAP HANA, Google Big Query and IoT Core on Monday, July 23rd .