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SAP HANA Interactive Education Extended Services classic model (SHINE XSC) is now available as self-service for SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) customers who have Productive HANA instances in their account. SHINE is available as a HANA component in HCP. This blog gives a brief introduction to SHINE and also about SHINE XSC as a self-service in the HANA cockpit.

What is SHINE?

SAP HANA Interactive Education, is a demo application that makes it easy to learn how to build native SAP HANA applications. The demo application is delivered with SAP HANA in a special packaged unit. It comes complete with sample data and design-time developer objects for the application's database tables, data views, stored procedures, OData, and user interface.


Why SHINE as self service

Normally SHINE XSC can be installed by downloading the delivery unit from SAP Support Portal (SMP) and installed via HANA Application Lifecycle Management tool (HALM).

In order to make installation of SHINE easy SHINE is available as a HANA component in HCP.

How to install SHINE as self service

Note: Installation requires Productive HANA instance in the HCP account.

The below steps shows how SHINE XSC as a self-service can be installed in users landscape,

1.      Login into your HCP account in the cockpit and click on Database systems on your left panel. It lists out all the databases in your account.

2.      Click on the HANA system in which you need to install SHINE XSC as a self-service


3.      Click on Install Components as shown in the below image, so that a window pops up.


4.      In the pop up window select SAP HANA Interactive Education (SHINE) as a select solution and click continue.


5.      Click install and finish you will have your service installed in your cockpit


6.      To login to SHINE Launchpad, the user sshould have either sap.hana.democontent.epm.roles:Admin or sap.hana.democontent.epm.roles:User role assigned to the user via SAP HANA Web ide Security tab.


7.      Now SHINE XSC  can be launched using the respective SHINE URL which can be found in the HANA XS Applications Table under the application name sap.hana.democontent.epm in your HCP cockpit.


Demo URL for SHINE: URL | Username/password: SHINE_DEMO/Abcd1234

Disclaimer: In the SHINE URL few features are disabled due to the restrictions in the user privileges (e.g., Data generator, Translation tool in User CRUD, Job Scheduler, Unit test and Send Mail feature from Sales Dashboard).