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This blog introduces the second hybrid use case between SAP Data Intelligence and SAP Information Steward that gives the opportunity to leverage an on-premise deployment and connectivity from SAP Information Steward with SAP Data Intelligence Cloud.

Data stewardship solution provides data profiling, validation and quality rules, glossary terms, monitoring, metadata management, and information policy management capabilities to easily analyze, improve, and monitor the data integrity of your enterprise data. All while also gaining continuous insight into the quality of your enterprise information; and understand the impact of data quality on your processes and enhance your operational, analytical, and data governance initiatives.

In our shared terms hybrid use case, existing SAP Information Steward customers’ terms, terms that they created, defined definitions that could include internal and external links, terms that have gone through an approval process, and are being used to build transparency, understanding, and governance today can now be reused in SAP Data Intelligence. SAP Data Intelligence can reuse the same approved terms from SAP Information Steward for various new data sources, including cloud sources.  Check out this video, showing how quick and easy we can share terms from SAP Information Steward with SAP Data Intelligence.

Benefits of shared rules, include:

  • Enables glossary terms to apply to a widely expansive cloud and on premise of sources and applications

  • Allows substantial reduction of time to redevelop terms while gaining faster insight into newly added sources and applications

  • Improves governance and transparency with common understanding and agreement on business taxonomies across all sources and applications

  • Promotes proactive data governance with shared glossary terms to maintain, manage, and govern all terms

  • Increases collaboration between users, as well as SAP applications

  • Burst computation with cloud deployment with pay as you go model

Shared terms hybrid scenario increases collaboration between users, as well as SAP applications.  Give sharing terms from SAP Information Steward with your SAP Data Intelligence projects a try today and get that quick start to improving your governance initiatives.  Keep your eye out for more hybrid scenarios between SAP Data Intelligence and SAP Information Steward.