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We got a lot of feedback from customers and partners to offer a place for sharing automation script samples which  

  • can be used inside SAP Landscape Management, Enterprise Edition (LaMa EE),  

  • can be used for talking to LaMa EE’s REST API, or 

  • are used in the context of landscape management. 

Now we are happy to announce that we opened a repository within the SAP-Samples organization on to offer exactly such a place for collaboration. You can find it at and it’s already filled with the first set of scripts. Feel free to browse through existing content, start your own fork to suggest updates and additional scripts, and open issues in case of questions. All content is shared under the Apache Software License, version 2.0. As a consequence, liability for the samples is excluded and it’s all shared royalty-free. 

Sharing is caring -- let’s bring the community to life! 

Relevance for SAP Landscape Management Cloud

You might wonder why this topic is tagged as well with “SAP Landscape Management Cloud” (LaMa Cloud) as there is no way of executing scripts inside or against LaMa Cloud. The latter is on the horizon: Have a look into the roadmap explorer to find the planned “Availability of REST APIs”. Once this plan becomes reality, the same GitHub repository will be used for sample scripts talking to the planned REST API.  

Stay tuned!