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An IQ server failed to check out an IQ_CORE license with an error below.

The IQ server's version was SAP IQ 16.0 SP11 and was running on a AIX LPAR system.

[Error message]

Licensing capacity set to PARTITION licensing. All IQ instances running on xxxxxxx (HOSTID=PARTITION-ID=800008ae74a00014) will share licenses. License quantities are based on 128 logical processor(s), 64 core(s) in 32 chip(s).

Failed to obtain license(s) for IQ_CORE feature from license file(s) or server(s).

Insufficient IQ_CORE CPU licenses. IQ requires 64 IQ_CORE ("DT") CPU licenses for use on this machine but only 8 could be obtained.

The license was generated correctly using the output of 'sysamcap PARTITION' command as below.

[ License ]


INCREMENT IQ_EE SYBASE 9999.12310 permanent uncounted \



Inc.;V=15.0;AS=D;CP=8;MP=2916281;EGO=" ISSUED=02-jun-2016 \

The reason SYSAM keeps failing to check out the IQ_CORE license is that the partition was uncapped mode.

It is required that the same number of IQ_CORE license as the Maximum Capacity(64) should be checked out in uncapped mode.

*** output of lparstat -i

      Type                                       : Shared-SMT

      Mode                                       : Uncapped

      Entitled Capacity                          : 2.00

      Online Virtual CPUs                        : 16

      Maximum Virtual CPUs                       : 64

      Minimum Virtual CPUs                       : 1 

      Minimum Capacity                           : 0.10

      Maximum Capacity                           : 64.00

In order to fix the problem, the partition was reconfigured CAPPED mode.of Shared-SMT.

Another way to fix it is to reconfigure the LPARs as Dedicated-SMT.

Dedicated-SMT and Shared-SMT/CAPPED LPARs should have a fixed number of processor cores that can be utilized by an IQ server.

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