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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Business transformation and innovation rarely materialize like a single bolt of lightning. For most companies, it’s a journey of ongoing revelations in industry dynamics, competitive disruptions, and evolving customers. Although every change brings challenges and opportunities, the willingness to reassess where the business is heading and what’s happening along the way allows new ideas to seed, blossom, take root, and grow into a critical competitive advantage.

SAP is certainly no stranger to this reality. For years, we have innovated and refined our solutions, platforms, and services to help customers of all sizes, industries, and regions run better, stronger, and more competitively. In return for our hard work and dedication to our customers’ success, we have developed an extensive portfolio of tried-and true offerings and the latest digital technologies that can be implemented with the least disruption and with high speed.

After spending the last few years talking with customers and helping them understand how to achieve their digital vision, SAP has realized that choosing the right mix of platforms and solutions is becoming a complex decision-making experience. The choices are many, but guidance is critical for ensuring that every digital investment delivers the expected value.

Power your innovation adoption process with personalized insight

Digital transformation impacts all of our customers. There is not one single business that is facing a question of “whether” digital transformation happens – rather it’s a matter of “when” and “how.” Customers that decide to embark on a digital transformation journey want to understand how they can continue to provide value to their business, employees, and customers and how to prepare their existing landscapes for next-generation technology.

Empathizing with our customers’ experience empowers us to simplify the transformation and innovation experience – starting with giving customers the tools they need to research their digital options, identify optimal use cases, and map out their unique journey. Through a series of design-thinking workshops, in-depth conversations, and insightful customer interactions, SAP created a set of discovery services and tools that support used cases. This approach guides customers that are already planning their digital transformation, as well as those who want to prepare now while they wait a bit longer to get started.

Use case: Optimize SAP ERP by receiving the most value from SAP Support

Individualized counsel and advice:

  1. SAP Innovation and Optimization Pathfinder for SAP ERP*: As the starting point for identifying innovations and optimizing potentials for SAP ERP, this report provides customized recommendations for optimization of business processes and IT services. The findings are based on current usage and industry performance benchmarks. This guidance on which innovations (such as SAP enhancement packages or SAP Fiori apps) are most relevant jump-starts strategy discussions with business stakeholders. After reviewing their recommendations, customers can obtain greater detail about their digital strategy through the next series of tools discussed below.

  2. Innovation discovery for SAP products*: The service simplifies the search for new functionality delivered by SAP solutions – now and in the near future. Customers can quickly evaluate and discuss innovations and features with a clear view of both business and technical information.

  3. SAP Fiori apps reference library*: SAP customers can explore the SAP Fiori apps that best match business requirements. Plus, they can plan and implement a user experience that simplifies their employees’ and customers’ digital interactions.

  4. SAP Solution Manager Value Report*: The report helps build the foundation of a business case for SAP Solution Manager. The customer shares requested information and examines the solution’s functionality.

    Use case: Plan the digital transformation

    While the above tools focus predominantly on SAP ERP, our discovery tools also provide guidance for the entire SAP software landscape:

  5. SAP Transformation Navigator*: This self-service tool covers the entire SAP landscape and delivers one report that contains clear recommendations for the SAP offerings required to realize a customer’s digital strategy. In addition, digital road maps, transition services, solution integration information, and a value-based business case is provided. It combines the business view, the technical view and the transformation view, and delivers a way forward that is consistent across all three aspects.

  6. Business scenario recommendations for SAP S/4HANA*: Obtaining tailored recommendations based on current SAP ERP system usage, SAP customers can determine which business areas can benefit most from SAP S/4HANA.

  7. SAP Roadmaps*: Our road maps highlight innovations and provide a robust planning horizon to help detail the digital transformation journey. Solution road maps cover innovations that focus on business solutions and processes and span several products, while product road maps describe how feature and function capabilities of a specific SAP product or technology are planned to progress over time.

  8. SAP S/4HANA Discovery Workshop: SAP customers assess the relevant scope of SAP S/4HANA to create the digital transformation plan. Using a value-based approach the workshop provides guidance about benefits, readiness and transformation paths to adopt SAP S/4HANA.

  9. SAP Readiness Check for SAP S/4HANA*: Customers use this tool to discover potential roadblocks and risks in their digital transformation plans. But more important, they gain visibility into required application changes and custom code adjustments well before the digital initiative is under way.

  10. SAP Leonardo Innovation Services: Identify and connect emerging technologies with a guided approach to digital transformation and a proof of concept running on SAP Cloud Platform.

Know your digital options before reinventing the business

Take, for example, a large conglomerate with a complex IT landscape. The corporation can outline its digital transformation with the Transformation Navigator, and start the transformation of their core systems right away with the Discovery Workshop for SAP S/4HANA and the SAP Readiness Check for SAP S/4HANA to set up a proper foundation. At the same time, its subsidiaries can investigate how to optimize and strengthen their implementation of SAP ERP and provide innovations to their business users with the help of the Pathfinder report.

In short order, these packages of discovery tools give business leaders a better understanding of their digital strategy – from potential costs, compatibility of add-ons, and impact on business functions to opportunities for simplification and requirements for custom coding.

When it comes to selecting technology investments, most business leaders fall across a spectrum between “trust your gut” and “analyze everything.” Our discovery tools offer a balanced blend of data and intuition to help businesses arrive at an informed decision quickly with confidence.


*Services are free of charge, based on certain conditions. Please refer to the request Web site for more information.