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In previous Blogs I've shown you how you can set up your SAP Web IDE on Hana Cloud.

part 1

  • Opening SAP Web IDE for the first time
  • Entering the Git User Settings
part 2
  • Installing and configuring the HANA Cloud Connector
part 3
  • Connecting to the remote system
part 4
  • Test the SAP Web IDE
part 5
  • Enable your HCP Fiori Launchpad
  • Register your App to the HCP Launchpad
part 6 (old part 5) this part :wink:
  • Deploy your application to the ABAP Repository
  • Test your application at the ABAP system
  • Import your application from SAP Gateway to SAP Web IDE

We have now configured and tested our SAP Web IDE on HANA Cloud. In the this part I will show you how you can deploy your application to the ABAP Repository.

Deploy the application to the ABAP Repository

Go back to SAP Web IDE. You may want to close other open tabs and windows. Select the project, right-click and select Deploy > Deploy to SAPUI5 ABAP RepositoryFor the Deployment Options, Select GM6 system and if authentication is needed provide user ID/Pwd. KeepDeploy a new application selected and click Next Enter a name, e.g.  Z_TimeApproval (the name needs to start with Z), enter any description and clickBrowse. Note:  In Package field, $TMP is defaulted by the system if your system only supports local object creation. Click Next Click Finish to deploy your application to the SAPUI5 ABAP Repository
Wait for the successful feedback. Click on OK. You have successfully deployed your app to the ABAP repository

Test your application at the ABAP system

Go to SAP Logon and logon to the GM6 system. Enter the transaction code SE80 Click on Repository Browser. Choose BSP_Application and enter the first letters of your uploaded application name (here: Z_TIME). The system will show you your application. Double Click on it. Click on the arrow in front of your application, choose Pages with Flow Logic, and open it. Here you can see one file:index.html. Right click on it and choose Test. This will open your default browser with your application. (Your complete Source code of your Application you can find under Page Fragments.)

Import your application from SAP Gateway to SAP Web IDE

Click File > Import > Application from SAPUI5 ABAP RepositoryUpdate: you have not to create the folder anymore, this happens automaticallySelect the system where the app had been deployed to.Search for the app, e.g. Z_TimeApproval Select the app and click OK.A message indicates the import has finished.Run the application and verify the application is running

  1. Select the file index.html of the application
  2. Click on the Run

If authentication is required, enter your User Name and PW for your SAP Gateway system.The Application Preview is started, the application is loading and data is fetched from the OData Service.

The Application will also start in Full Size Mode, if you want to change this, look at part 4.

More Web IDE stuff published by Technology RIG :smile:

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