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In this and the next Blogs I will show you how you can set up your SAP Web IDE on Hana Cloud. I cut this in 5 parts:

part 1

  • Opening SAP Web IDE for the first time
  • Entering the Git User Settings
part 2
  • Installing and configuring the HANA Cloud Connector
part 3
  • Connecting to the remote system
part 4 this part :wink:
  • Test the SAP Web IDE
part 5
  • Enable your HCP Fiori Launchpad
  • Register your App to the HCP Launchpad
part 6 (old part 5)
  • Deploy your application to the ABAP Repository
  • Test your application at the ABAP system
  • Import your application from SAP Gateway to SAP Web IDE

The connection to our remote system is finished, now we can test it with a simple application :smile:

Reopen SAP Web IDE or refresh it if it’s already open
Click on File - New - Project from Template
Select for example the SAP Fiori Master Detail Application template from the SAP Fiori Application category and click on Next
Enter a name for the new project and click on Next

From the Service Catalog drop down list, choose the name of the server we have just defined. It’s GM6 in this example
Provide your credentials for that server
Wait until the entire list of services is loaded.
Start typing the name of a service to locate the one that you want, for example if you type “sra018” you should be able to find this service.
Fill out the form.

Click on Next and Finish
Run the new application: Open the webapp folder -> right-click on test.html -> Run -> Run as -> Web Application

It should work fine

But since the new SAP Web IDE Version, the Application will preview in Full Size Mode.
If you want the old preview, right click the project folder and choose Run -> Run Configurations.
Choose Web Application --> App in FLP Sandbox --> With Frame
Click Save and Run
Congratulations! We have now configured and tested our SAP Web IDE on HANA Cloud.
In the last part I will show you how you can deploy your application to your HCP Account and how you can register it to your HCP Launchpad.