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Following are the steps to create Virtual table and set up privileges in HANA studio,

  1. Login in to HANA studio via the SYSTEM user.

  2. Right click on the system and add another remote source under provisioning.

  3. Enter the details, like port, server, user/password etc.

  4. Create a new table or use the existing table from the remote source.

  5. Assign the #OO user of the HDI container, where you want to use the virtual table, privileges to create virtual table.

  6. Assign the same privileges to the technical user of the HDI container.

  7. Once done you can create the virtual table and use it in the calculation view.

In case of multi DB system as remote source,

  • Create remote source in tenant.

  • Provide access on the BIMC tables i.e, _SYS_BI schema.


PFB the screen shots,




Above you can see the config screen shots, that will help you create the basic setup in studio.



Sumeet Bagewadi